Editor calls for Vice CBI Chairman’s release from jail in editorial

A few days ago and I’ve Dr. Maytham Laibi visit appearance of Dr. Saleh, Vice Chairman of the Central Bank of Iraq, in the upper police station where sitting in a damp dark cell with a group of persons accused of crimes of theft and murder, forgery and other common crimes.

The appearance of Dr. Saleh of the finest minds of Iraq’s economic and has a long history of achievements that should be proud of any Iraqi keen on Iraq’s progress and development, has managed with a cadre Central Bank, headed by Dr. Shabibi (the accused is the other) to reduce the rates of increase in prices from an average annual rate of 50% before 2003 to only 5% currently, as this was one of the most important goals they have set for the bank in reducing inflation and maintaining the stability of the national currency.

He succeeded the Central Bank clearly in stabilizing the exchange rate of the dollar against the dinar.  The central bank also managed to accumulate foreign reserves and foreign currency reserves of 2 billion to $ 68 billion up to the year 2012.

All of these indicators proves the success of professional competencies national of Dr. appearance Saleh and Dr. Shabibi of resource management of Iraq’s financial, that if they were, however, other than a group of power corrupt they brought us to the money knows one of fluctuating prices and collapses surprise of the local currency, which was shaking the Iraqi market and budget government, as it was happening at the time of the defunct dictatorship.

The main charge against Dr. appearance is deliberately wasting public money because a group of Altaidlat instructions sell the dollar in the currency auction, but the charge void and void too, with evidence that the new administration of the Central Bank did not change any of these procedures that are followed in time by Dr. Shabibi and the appearance of Dr. Saleh, Vmzad sell the currency is still practiced the same procedures earlier did not go down the amounts sold by the bank even increased in some cases, and customers Auction still themselves ex-this, as well as not to change the exchange rate of the national currency to the dollar,

all these things prove that the appearance of Dr. and Dr. Shabibi are outside circles compromised and their actions were correct and tight enough to prevent any manipulation was possible to happen within the scope of the work of the Central Bank, and what is happening outside of this framework is the responsibility of the other parties has nothing to do directly with the central bank.

There are a lot of legal and economic details that show conclusively that the appearance of Dr. not deserve this treachery and ingratitude, but deserves all the honor of the Iraqi state on Andzath for this country.

The efficiency and integrity of Dr. Shabibi and appearance of Dr. Saleh two of Stay central bank you away from the influence of speculators fate of the homeland, but it is true that now to what Seoul fate of the most important financial institution paint and maintain Iraqi Alnkadiah policy.

The country, which aims minds efficient in dark cells will never come to light … To be a campaign for the release of the appearance of Dr. Saleh to come back we hope to address the devastation Nscheroh in our lives and mold that nestles sweeping in Zwayana.