What is the point raised only Iraqi currency Svarmn?

Rasim Kasim

Feel free to the media statements by some officials to raise zeros from the Iraqi currency must here be recalled that the zeros are present in a lot of foreign currencies, including the Middle East did not think its to delete hee figures, for example Alamlhturkah and Allenanah and Iran and this zeroes deleted in dealing

example Alamlhalbannanah which equals Aldlar where 1,500 liras any hundred-dollar equals 150,000 hundred and fifty thousand, but dealing in the market is without zeros any that the price of a bottle of water is liras any 1500 pounds any unit, and so on in Turkey and Iran did not Thther zeros on the value of the currency and we also, when we want to buy merchandise says seller four dinars any four thousand we have t either zeros are deleted basically, that the stability that has happened to the Iraqi currency needed for a long time where regained currency value against other currencies global, regional and became her weight and value after it was not worth anything and can not buy the pack match.

The process of lifting the zeros from the Iraqi currency will lead to confusion economy and allowed workers aren’t confidence and return to square one because the Iraqi currency having gained the confidence of the world and the region will be exposed to shake and you need to for many years even enjoy again the confidence in dealing with, and that the number of zeros does not constitute impediment to trading the Iraqi currency where he became priced known against foreign currencies, the process of lifting the zeros are only plot malicious intended to confuse the national economy and destabilize the market situation Iraqi trade and to be a way to force looters and forgers and conscientious dead to swoop on people’s money, be sure that this process will cost Iraqi budget a lot, as it requires sums required to develop designs and amounts of printing, transportation, insurance protection and audit amounts printed and corresponding amounts of balances, as well as the extra effort which banks this cost and material and moral losses are underestimated before.

Calamity Almassaab which will destroy the Iraqi economy and endure paralyzed is a conspiracy to pump millions and possibly billions of Iraqi currency counterfeit to replace the new currency Vtsribat News says that the ministers and parliamentarians printed and Prepare billion dinars of counterfeit currency in Beirut pending announcement direct process substitution, and it’s very easy to pass those billions for reasons known them :: hustle which broadly banks and fatigue which would befall staff makes them satisfied the process count only without sort of counterfeit currency and forgery may be tight and on staff and agreements and the conclusion of transactions that have been and will be between counterfeiters and some managers and bank employees be passed billions forged – and by the statements of some Deputies said some counterfeiters influential positions holders, including ministers and MPs. And this is what they discovered – according to their statements – in Beirut only let alone hostile capitals?!

Added encouragement last factor is the prevalence of corruption and looting of public funds at the highest levels without shame or deterrent from creating or conscience or law or scruples of the fear of God which made most of the people, especially the weak souls Astselon fitting the Grand Summit and looting of public funds.

And inflation happening has nothing to do a number of zeros, but he attributes financiers, economists, to several factors including policy advances large government granted by the Iraqi government to the staff and the size of financial aid and loans, which leads to the accumulation and the growing size of the money supply in the Iraqi market and reduces the strength of the dinar Iraqi purchasing without creating real investment opportunities develop national wealth or maintain their strength.

The lifting of the zeroes will lead to internal and external problems economy Iraq is not borne by now and not in the future and the survival of the currency at its current state to Aadhar does not affect at all on the future development plans because the Iraqi currency has gained credibility and economic size and which required a time can not be underestimated and tampering Bmatyate.