CBI leads a broad plan to strengthen the stability of the economy in the Iraqi market

CBI said Saturday that measures taken have contributed significantly to the installation of the pillars of the economy amid economic form and consumer markets open to import external.


The governor of the central bank and agency Abdel Basset Turki for “Obelisk”, on the sidelines Forum Baghdad economic and banking the first held in Baghdad that “what he had done the bank during the last period of the anti-money laundering and legalization outlets currency and maintain foreign currency and raise the ceiling stockpiling strategic currency within its reserves contributed significantly in the stability of the Iraqi market. “


He pointed out that “the advancement economy free cross the open market needs to banks able to work freely and capabilities supported,” explaining that “kicks Forum Baghdad is evidence of the recovery of the Iraqi banking sector and inviting foreign banks and Arab to open branches in Iraq to cope with the financial through financial transactions and in the areas of investment banking of Iraq. “


Noteworthy that Iraq’s economy witnessed a marked improvement after being held by the Iraqi government several agreements with a number of countries for trade exchange.