Economists are demanding the release of the deputy governor of the Central Bank

BAGHDAD / JD / .. A number of economists release the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, set up the page on the social networking sites (Facebook) Books (together to save economic thinker).

He called the media specialist in economic affairs, Laith Mohammed Reza, the Iraqi judiciary and academic and media elites to move to save the capacitor, economic thinker. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, who has been suspended pending the issue of the central bank, although the legal immunity he enjoys.

Reza said in a statement to Agence / KD: “Saleh is facing charges of corruption or theft, but the charges against him indicate that the central bank’s management has made mistakes while diligently pursued administrative instructions produced corruption climates”.

He explained that the central staff are protected from legal liability for any act or omission in the performance of their official functions, and according to Article 23 of the Law on the Central Bank of Iraq issued in 2004.

The satisfaction expressed concern about the continued detention of personal scientific – economic size of the benefit, suffer from Daei diabetes and blood pressure disorder at the age of 65 years, and who spent mostly in scientific research and serve the national economy.

Called Reza also “the judiciary supervising the issue in favor, more attention the case because of its reflection on the reputation of Iraq, stressing the need to determine the charges against him, saying: may not be thrown about such an important person is one of cadres rare in the Middle East to spend time Unknown under investigation is down for reasons obscured on public opinion.

He wrote in the newspaper (long) article titled (appearance Saleh .. regret) by Qais Qassim a Agrh saying: has not been one arrest, but that gentleman feared for his family from the violation of privacy and infringement expected. Old went to his car to the police station to turn himself in after he heard that a warrant had been issued for استقدامه.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh was not presented to a judicial body to now, and will attend Btabur awaited the hardened criminals, terrorists and their crimes suspects awaiting to bless them with the judiciary are seen in their situation, the judiciary very relaxed.

He continued: not defend his political bloc to now because it does not belong to a political bloc originally and this handbook, it has become forgotten amidst the chaos of sectarian and dust anticipate elections.

The author said defiant: if you have towards the appearance of Dr. Securities and Feltnscher documents on people, but we come out of the person who recommended the arrest and explain to us how it was discovered that the appearance of Dr. involved corruption!

He concluded his article: regret Doctor and sorry to be exposed to where you are today, regret that we participated in silence about Sjanik .. We remain silent.

The last statement to the appearance of favor: The arrest warrant issued against me I heard it through the media nor did I receive a formal, noting that there is corruption in the Bank’s work is one of the issues of hazardous dealing individually by integrity, and have nothing to do monetary policy.

Saleh stressed that monetary policy thing and integrity of people and lack of integrity nothing else mixed in this way is difficult, considering that the central bank officials do not understand politics and do not know whether this issue politicized or not.

Saleh pointed out that the report of financial control has simple observations on the work of the central bank and there is no accusation of corruption, adding that these observations are unusual in the work of government institutions.