CBI underlines the lack of assignment instructions for the last auction on the financial

CBI underlines the lack of assignment instructions for the last auction on the financial

The Central Bank, on Tuesday, not the abdication of the last instruction of the window on the foreign currency tagged “financial auction.”

The central bank adviser said Mohamed Saleh, told the future: The new regulations require customers ratification Skokhm by banks that have accounts and are subject identities and Msthompskathm audit to prevent the sale of foreign currency to non-Iraqis, noting that these instructions will not be waived, because the currency of Iraq covered and secure, and we have many means to feed the foreign currency market.

He added that the instructions were issued after the rise in applications to buy the dollar, saying it stood by the beginning of last December’s highs reached $ 400 million, and between: We Azina for internal reasons Calanzhab U.S. and rumors about the security and the relationship of demand for the dollar and the expansion of the generalbudget, and external causes such as sanctions on Iran and Syria, at the same time praising the Government’s request exception of Iraq sanctions resolution against Iran, he said that Iraq does not have other outlets with the countries of the world, especially since the local production of Iran covers many of the needs of the Iraqi market.

He predicted that the benefit of the Iraqi dinar is witnessing a huge boom in the future, noting “it is almost hard currency because it is covered completely in foreign currency, and there is free transfer.”