Money laundering problem not born from the CBI alone, but other agencies as well

BAGHDAD – Hkuran Fatlawi expert stressed at the World Bank that the anti-money laundering solidarity not borne the central bank alone, but borne by all relevant departments in the ministries of interior, finance and trade, Cdoaúr customs and taxes, import and export, pointing to the brunt located a result the central bank, which only work with banks because money laundering is one of competence.

said d. Majid picture: One of the main reasons for the delay discovery of money laundering due to the lack of technological systems specialized in banks and exchange companies and money transfer and the relevant authorities. Stressed the importance of coordination and cooperation in this area to allow the central give authorities accurate information يستقيها of banks.

Drew international expert Suri to the need so they can be creating professional cadres trained and providing hardware and mechanisms in all relevant departments in order to understand and follow up processes as a cornerstone of the follow-up revealed money laundering and smuggling. added Due to link such operations in the banking system is the duty of banks and exchange companies and money transfer Monitoring and follow-up of such operations and cooperate with the central bank for the initial investigation and inform the competent authorities in order to maintain its reputation and be abuse of the banking system as a whole.

said Suri said the Iraqi Central Bank established a special directorate to follow money laundering as there are five administrative units in a number of ministries established for this purpose. confirmed that the picture of solidarity and responsibility and one in the fight against money laundering.