New corruption scandal in the Central Bank of hero-Maliki and his government

Iraq News Network – An Iraqi political source in the Jordanian capital, Amman, for a meeting today between the Minister of Finance Rafie al-Issawi and Iraqi Central Bank Governor Abdel Basset Turki Hadithi in Jordan Antrcotntl Hotel in Amman with a team representing Fund International Monetary confidential and away from the media and the source said, that al-Issawi, a Turk met with the UN mission The IMF They are loaded with a set of documents where attendees discussed, to reveal the disappearance of (5) billion did not know the mechanism $ disbursement or the acquisition method.

As it turns out during this meeting, that there $ 1.2 billion was lent to the prime minister was not recorded in the budget, and did not pay the presidency government any part of it so far and only the central bank governor Abdel Basset Turki in his speech by saying, that the central bank Iraq is not on a par with the rest of the devices and the parties and government institutions, as there was no authority except the authority of Parliament, and he made a report of the Central Bank to parliament and the marking of management misconduct currency auction was the government of Nuri Maliki has denied 3 days ago and there is a mission of the United Nations in Iraq to investigate the issue of central bank Iraqi.

According to a statement issued by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry that some local media ran a story about the existence of United Nations mission in Iraq to investigate the cause of the Iraqi Central Bank and added that the Foreign Ministry confirms and after contacts with the United Nations Mission in Iraq, “UNAMI” the invalidity of this news and media reports, and that there is no Thus the mission in Iraq, but a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Hassan Ozmn warned that Iraq’s money in the abroad are exposed to the risk of international trusteeship because of the participation of the United Nations to investigate the issue of the Central Bank of Iraq ..

Expected to appoint a United Nations special rapporteur to monitor the movements of financial and pointed Ozmn Iraqi, a deputy for the Iraqi List , that an international delegation includes experts and a number of assistants arrived, during the past few days, Baghdad, to investigate suspicions of corruption swirling around the Central Bank of Iraq .. Considering that the United Nations is asked Iraq to be involved in these investigations.