Revealed estimates contained in the budget in 2013 to nearly 9 trillion dinars will go to the settlement of external debt.

A report carried by the budget agency ‘JD’ that the total amount of debt settlement and compensation Iraq up to foreign DT 8.829,436.500.

The report pointed out: that war reparations Kuwait $ 5553949.500 and settlement of external debt amounting 526500.000, while also pushing Iraq 1,436,273,000 billion dinars for the installments of the bilateral agreement with the Paris Club countries and countries outside the Paris Club.

The report said: that Iraq pay 400,000,000 million to pay off the old issues of treasury transfers, and also will pay 41,856,000 million for the cash settlement of small debts to the private sector abroad. The report also: that Iraq pay dues Arab Monetary Fund for debt restructuring agreement in Iraq and KD 47.835000000, in addition to the premiums IMF loans, which amount to 239.823000000 dinars.

The report addressed debt settlement Iraqi Airways and KD 233.200000000, Iraq also will pay dues settlement of the private sector by 4/9/2003 and of $ 350,000,000 million.

Nora was البجاري parliamentary Economic Committee member; said in a press statement ‘The Budget 2013 included a paragraph is to allocate the amount to pay part of the foreign debt, and select billion and $ 445 million, representing 1% of the budget.’

She explained: ‘The Paris Club debt was $ 142 billion previously been deleted 80% of them, and the remaining 20%, pointing out that this debt every year getting their benefits, so we want to end debt position on Iraq.’ She ا ‘benefits from Tkplna debt large sums every year since the nineties and even now must work to repay to the fullest extent possible.’

The MP added that it has been allocated $ 500 million in the budget of 2013 to settle the issue of Iraqi Airways with Kuwait, in addition to the Kuwaiti debt owed by Iraq as a result of the invasion in 1991 and a budget of up to 5%, equivalent to $ 5.5 billion.

The MP said: We have a debt of as much as 8.174 million dollars will be paid in installments and represents the value of the benefits of debt that Astelvha Iraq from the World Bank to finance the budget deficit 2010, noting that Parliament refused to government borrows from the World Bank for the current year budget and next, filling the gaps of the amounts that we have. The debt drew  to be paid an estimated $ 8 million to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) about the benefits of loans financing the deficit for the year 2010.

She stated that Iraq also paid 6 million and $ 250 thousand for the benefits of foreign loans from European countries and other countries.

And followed as Iraq working to extinguish the debt of the private sector abroad, which amounts to $ 189 million.

She said: ‘Some countries refused to delete the debt position on Iraq, such as Saudi Arabia, which is still demanding Iraq $ 13 billion, as well as Kuwait did not waive its debt despite the goodwill gestures between us and them.’

And said ا: ‘The external debt repayment installments and will be in accordance with the plans, calling on the Iraqi government to close the file of external debt once and for all and not handcuff the country in this private debt and he has a great economic power.’

She stressed member of the Economic and Investment parliamentary deputy for the Iraqi List on the need to take government action fast and bold is close this file and save money for the benefit of the citizen through the services and strategic projects to build brown infrastructure, wondering: ‘Why states learned from debt at the expense of Iraq?’.