UN intervention in the case of the Central Bank of Iraq

Considered the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament to inform the United Nations on suspicion of financial and administrative corruption that Hovers around the Central Bank of Iraq positive, would give more credibility to the results of the investigations in the case.

Congress announced that a delegation comprising experts internationalist in monetary policy and arrived in Iraq to find out the Uproar about the suspicions of financial and administrative corruption in the Central Bank, which led to the sacking of boss Shabibi appointed Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit Abdul Basit Turki instead.

A member of the Finance Committee deputy secretary Hadi Abbas said in a press statement yesterday that «internationalist mission delegation, which also includes members of the already existing international mission in Iraq is not an inquiry into the issue of the Central Bank, but found the results of the investigation and the documents of the case.

He added in his statement to Al-Hayat newspaper that «For the UN investigation is useful for all, Iraq is still under Chapter VII UN and maintain Iraq’s money and hence the issue of interest to them.

He pointed out that «For the United Nations on the results of the investigation would give credibility to these findings and ensure that they will never be politicized.

And the results that have been reached, said Abbas, a member of the bloc «rule of law» that «Investigations are continuing and final results until now, but the preliminary results confirm that some politicians are involved in the selling of the dollar through civil banks have large capital.

A source in the Integrity Commission, who asked not to be identified for the same newspaper that «the completed investigations and include important documents findings support the case file was handed over to the judiciary to issue the necessary decisions.

He pointed out that «the body can not reveal the results of these investigations only after presentation to the judiciary to decide , and said that «the results of the investigations include Scandals involving a number of politicians and those close to them.

Furthermore, Search Speaker Osama Najafi yesterday with Acting Governor of the Central Bank, Abdel Basset Turki reforms carried out under the recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee.

A statement of the Office of the President of the Parliament he «received in his office today (yesterday) Central Bank Governor Abdul Basit Turki said Turki that the central bank was able to control the dollar exchange rate and update system and mechanism of action and communication with institutions and agencies of other countries, to bridge the vacancies competencies artistic able leadership and able.

He added that «Nujaifi stressed the need to complete the investigation and support the independence of the House of Representatives this institution.