Central Bank Governor llngivi Agency: we can control the dollar


Discussed House speaker Osama Al-Najafi library, on Saturday, with the Central Bank Governor, Abdul Basit Turki reforms by the Central Bank in accordance with the recommendations made by the Committee in Parliament.


The Office said in a statement Iraq received (News News Agency) a copy of it: that Turki said: that the Central Bank was able to control the exchange rate of the dollar and update the system and their interaction with other institutions and Government departments and to fill vacancies with able and capable technical competencies.


It added: the President stressed the need for Iraq to complete investigations into the subject of Central Bank support for the House on the independence of this institution as the Parliament was ready to accept any amendment of the Central Bank is legal.


The statement said: the Central Bank Governor reassured the Agency assured the speaker of the House of representatives on the Bank that took the road of success and accuracy after signs of controlling the exchange rate of the dollar and interest rates and profits