Rush To Delete The Zeros Currency .. Vice: You Must Start Early 2013

BAGHDAD / future Iraqi

According to a member of the Economic Commission in the House of Representatives Abdul Hussein Abtan, the need for the Iraqi market, to project the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency early 2013 to save the country from increasing rates of economic inflation, stressing that the postponement of the project to 2014 will hurt the country’s economy.


Said Abtan necessary to move from currency zeroes in excess of the cluster of financial and makes them an easy way to steal and loss to the currency more sophisticated, pointing out that the project to delete the zeros is a message to the civilized world that Iraq’s economy is improving day after day.

Added that the project to delete the zeros will not lead to the collapse of the currency, but will make it safer than theft and less cash in mass commercialization. For his part, stressed the economic expert Abdul Hassan al-Shammari, the need to apply the project to delete three zeros from the currency because it hurt to serve the citizens and the national currency by reducing the masses of cash with groups large in the local market.

Al-Shammari said that the implementation of the project restructuring Iraqi currency after deleting three zeros which is necessary because it will serve the citizen and the national economy as the groups large turn into a thousand small unit, which will facilitate transactions in the market and accounts for government departments.

Pointed out that the State is printed annually Banknotes by about 250 to 750 million dollars per year, when the implementation of the project would cut the federal government for printing new currencies annually saving money could be used in projects of the country.

Was the prime minister called for the central bank to wait to draft deleted three zeros from the local currency, stressing that he is a big project and needs to be enough time to implement it.