Deputy State law calls for the completion of the investigation in a “conspiracy” Central Bank

MP for the coalition of state law Walid al-Hilli, Tuesday, the Integrity Commission and the Supreme Judicial Council to complete the investigation of what he called a “conspiracy financial” which targeted the Iraqi Central Bank, confirming the existence of a scheme that supports money laundering operations and “terrorism” to sabotage the Iraqi economy.

The ornaments in a statement issued today, and received “Alsumaria News” copy, “The conspiracy financial targeting empty Iraq of foreign exchange and tampering at the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies to influence the financial budget and weaken the Iraqi economy,” and urged “the Integrity Commission and the Supreme Judicial Council proceed to complete the investigation in the financial conspiracy that targeted the central bank. “

The ornaments that “there is a blueprint subject was serving to sell large amounts of hard currency much more than the amounts listed for Iraq due to oil sales and export of other,” pointing out that “the scheme was intended to support money laundering, terrorism and gangs to sabotage the Iraqi economy.”

He accused the ornaments some powerful personalities and some political entities to “obstruct the exercise of government and regulatory agencies role in the investigation of what was going on inside the central bank in the past years”, noting that “the investigation into the recent files may prove the involvement of some of the personalities and private banks with corruption a major financial” .

And Iraq’s cabinet decided, in (16 October 2012), the prime BSA Abdul Basit Turki tasks central bank governor agency, meanwhile, announced the Supreme Judicial Council, in (19 of the same month), for the issuance of an arrest warrant for former Fed governor and a number officials in corruption cases.

The President of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi, (7 October 2012), initiate a “depth” in the policy of the central bank since 2003, and vowed to pursue the investigation “personally” to the importance of the issue.

The Iraqi Central Bank Governor former Shabibi issued an arrest warrant, in (6 this November), the bank declined to government’s attempt to dispose of its reserves is the cause of disagreement with us, pointing out that the policy of the Central Bank inconsistent with the policy of the government in the fight against inflation.

It is noteworthy that the pace of accusations escalated on smuggling currency that overshadowed selling prices dollar in local markets and led to increased exchange rate months ago, while deputies asked the need to take the initiative on the government to stop selling the currency in auctions the central bank, others stressed that Iraq is losing substantial funds by smuggled daily out of the border, despite the praise of many specialists in economic affairs on the positives of the auction to reduce inflation and to control the value of the Iraqi dinar.