Why did not attack the “Sadrists” Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi?

Why did not attack the “Sadrists” Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi?


Palm – We do not need a long introduction broad definition بالنائبة Maha league Her re-project footprint blood and MP teenager Jawad Alshahyla because they Months of fire aware in appearance and excitement and fabricating crises and arson and accuse others of right and without right and if they were angels of light did not kindly heaven on earth Bamthalhm.

I do not think that one forgets receipts and tours Rep. league on satellite channels and Eastern Sumerian and Baghdadi, accuses Prime Minister باسوء epithets least of dictatorship when he decided to Muqtada al-Sadr to go to Arbil and the signing of a deal is controversial with the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance to withdraw confidence from the government of national participation at a time when Sadr is part of the National Alliance and the owner of the largest number of ministers in Maliki’s government failed, but the league silent Ksamt graves when he decided to chest patient in the decision to withdraw confidence from the government after he found that it divine confidence motion was premature and his time and that the survival of Maliki in the interest of Iraq and the current Alsdrioalammer not much different from the Attorney Alshahyla who does not hesitate to accuse the other occasion and without appropriate and still remember his position of Secretary of Baghdad resigned Sabir al-Issawi and how Issawi succeeded twice fined Alshahyla and accused him of extortion and attempt to obtain bribes and contracting but Alshahyla and periodic continued trading spoof honesty, advice and defense the rights of the vulnerable despite the fact that everyone knows the motives Alshahyla and the league and the third party of fraud and hypocrisy Trinity and the heart of the facts.

The paradox that the voice of periodic cacophony and tones Alshahyla disgusting did not hear in the case of the central bank and charge Shabibi existence of corruption, money laundering and switch and rotate millions of dollars despite its importance and its impact on the present and future of the country and such Alshahyla and periodic keenness on Iraq and the office of Mr. Shahid was supposed to have a presence in East or Baghdadiya or Sumerian in order to raise Alaqirh and appearing gown integrity and dignity and undermine Shabibi infidel but bilateral fun preferred reclusion and silence until تنجلي Ghabrholan minimum spin its people if after the event and also condemns condemned revealed independent MP rib Kazem Chiadespb silence Alshahyla and the league and if he knew why champion wonder why the involvement of the league and Alshahyla laundering, recycling and sale of millions of dollars in addition to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee Bahaa al-Araji, and deputies from the Iraqi List, with banking offices owners and brokers.

It may be all the credit to the President of the National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi to expose corruption and corrupt and involved file the central bank and this information may not know a lot Valjlbe an economist and a man expert in the work of banks reached somehow that what sold hundreds of millions of dollars a day is compromised because these millions You need to billions of Iraqi dinars which is difficult if not impossible because there are no such liquidity when the Iraqis and actually ratified intentions and intuition Chalabi has been shown the existence of political parties in agreement with the administration’s central bank fear and horror are snapped millions of dollars without paying the amount any output millions of dollars not offset by the introduction of billions of dinars to the bank immediately with but is inserted dinars after he is selling dollars and take advantage of teams selling, who arrived at times to more than ten thousand dinars in the paper Aluahdhobhsabh simple, what gets brokers of Representatives up to hundreds of millions of dinars a day .

The charge Shabibi is the only mismanagement did not record it any embezzlement or corruption so far either scandal league and Alshahyla and Araji, they include embezzling hundreds of millions of Aldnanarlkn justice, which affected Shabibi do not think it will affect the league and Alshahyla because these belong to the Sadr bloc selected and remains excuse Shabibi, who did not say After the reasons for the silence and lack of disclosure for brokers is his fear that his fate be the fate of the members of the Olympic Committee and the fate of the mission staff in higher education if objected league and Alshahyla Araji.