Maliki reveals the involvement of parliamentarians and senior figures in the central bank file

Again floats the central bank to file the inside surface of the House of Representatives, especially after the recent statements of the Prime Minister and which revealed the involvement of parliamentarians and senior figures in this file.

State of Law coalition took advantage of the first session of the parliament after the holiday to collect ninety signatures in parliament and submit a request to the presidency of the Council in order to display the names of those involved in the process of trafficking illegally currency explicitly in time accused those names to block the end of this file.

Kamal Saadi, deputy for the rule of law: the received information implicating some parties and these parties are now moving their tools to question what is happening in the case of the central bank, fearing to reveal their names. On this day, 90 deputies submitted a request to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and these names in front of me demanding the Upon completion of the investigation to disclose the names of all politicians or MPs or others involved in the central bank auction or banking companies or private banks or any illegal activity. The Liberal bloc in the House of Representatives has launched a scathing attack on the presidency of the parliament after the signing of the report of the Commission investigative competent in the case of the Central Bank and sent to the Integrity Commission without vulnerable members, arguing that the decision to form the investigative is a violation of the constitution and unacknowledged originally, demanding the formation of a committee of experts in order not to politicize the file. Maha league deputy for the Liberal bloc: no right to Presidency of the Council of Representatives to take any decision only after reference to members of the Iraqi Parliament Chkltoa an investigative committee mistake Jibwa investigation to the House of Representatives and offered to parliament Saatha Parliament will make a decision by majority either he hits the rules of procedure wall and confiscate the right of the House of Representatives this not نرضاه decision not legislative or administrative. He also demanded the formation of a committee of experts how to be a head watchdog growth claimed executive claimed watching it.

Other representatives have not ruled politicize the central bank and file undergoing upmanship between the political blocs, at the time confirmed that the announcement of Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi near his return to the country is clear evidence non-involvement files corruption within the central bank.

Talal Zobaie Deputy for Iraq: This is proof and to the Thogah his evidence that he Personal able to detect all the conspiracies being hatched and mimicked against this economic character.

Qassim Mohammed, deputy Kurdistan: We hope that there is not political file and we hope that is not pushing the policy in legal and financial matters, but in any case, we live in Iraq and the situation known Shi possible for each potential unknown.

Central Bank Governor and during an interview with Alsumaria said retaining files proving enable the central bank to maintain the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar at the time revealed that the government arrest twentieth employee of the Central Bank and Cefhen Balenzahat and demanded the release about them stressing his return to the country soon despite an arrest warrant issued against him.