Proposal for the formation of a supreme body to monitor the work of banks to curb money laundering and currency smuggling

Suggested financial expert Salem Daini, the formation of the banking graduate working on linking all Iraqi banks network unified communications to monitor its work to control money laundering operations and reduce the phenomenon of smuggling hard currency abroad.

Said Daini: The phenomena of money laundering and currency smuggling spread much in the country during the recent The government and the central bank proved unable to control this phenomena which made it fester much of the country.

added: The fight against money laundering and prevent the smuggling of hard currency comes through the formation of the banking top consists of a group of financial experts and economists working on linking all government banks and private telecommunications network standard by which to monitor the work of banks and how to conduct foreign remittances of funds.

mentions that the central bank announced earlier in the contract with your opinion, Holter specialized international adoption and project management chunked national who is linking banks network unified communications, according to which access to international banks in the payments.

was the Iraqi Central Bank has revealed entered 53 banks as members of the project divided the national that will enable the person cardholder credit Cloud Financial from any bank in the whole country without having to rely on the branches of the bank, which was filed. helps USAID Iraq in the accomplishment of a split which would establish national partnership between Iraqi banks.