Committee in charge of the Central Bank calls not to politicize the issue and

Committee in charge of the Central Bank calls not to politicize the issue and keep it away from categorical


Twilight News / Committee invited the charge by the National Alliance to monitor the issue of the Central Bank, not to politicize the issue and subject to categorical tugging.

The political body of the Iraqi National Alliance held its periodic meeting, headed by Ibrahim al-Jaafari in the presence of all components of the alliance on Thursday evening

According to a statement issued by the coalition received ” Twilight News “copy of it that the meeting discussed some important laws, and deferred in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, and the need for legislation in the coming period.”

The statement added that “the National Alliance stressed the need to view the budget bill for next year in the House of Representatives for discussion and approval in a timely manner, and to prevent delay the general interests of the country.”

The statement continued that “balance national committee emanating from the National Alliance reviewed the most important findings in this regard, Alliance unanimously confirmed the importance of the national balance, and the distribution of rights to all the political blocs according to entitlements.”

The statement pointed out that “the political body listened to the report of the Committee in charge of following up the issue of the Central Bank, highlighted the findings, and the National Alliance stressed the need to take the issue of the Central Bank of its legal, and specialist away from politicization, and tugging categorical.”

And sacked Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, on charges of corruption, which is the main challenge facing the government after busy over the past years in the security file.

The central bank held daily sessions of currency auction except Fridays and public holidays, and the participation of a group of Iraqi banks, within which the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and the central bank process currency converter sold abroad, for some companies and citizens for a commission certain.

The Central Bank of Iraq group of specialized committees to combat money laundering, and money, crime and the financing of terrorism, and it was the anti-money laundering law the 2004 Iraqi situation due process of regulatory institutions, especially banking.

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