Is it the problem of the CBI or the problem of Iraqi intellectuals?

At first glance, I try to form an idea of what happened in the Central Bank of Iraq, I thought I was in front of the issue serious clash where specialties Science of Finance and Economy, Trade and institutions (financial – economic – commercial) International and “aware” of corruption and other specialties, as did sets for Bali never “conspiracy theory” that take it, with confidence, that ignores the presence in the events in the Middle East in general and Iraq in particular, is an ignorant policy matters.

after the scan and reflection I realized that there is an issue difficult indeed, but not in the case of the central bank, but in most writers, Aalamiyna and intellectuals Distinguished and Distinguished.

issue central bank is extremely easy: people eliminate four charges based on criminal offenses affixed to a criminal charge a fifth related to money laundering of $ (800) million dollars out weekly from Iraq (no more than $ 3.2 billion a month, $ 40 billion annually. .. an income, not Tnqtawa shouting: “Where do you go funds Iraq owners?”!!!), issuing arrest warrants for eradication Central Bank Governor Dr Sinan Shabibi and arrested already on (46) employees in the bank (30) including a woman . Maliki did not do it, but the Iraqi judiciary. Move the judiciary after being convinced of the evidence that is available between his hands, a parliamentary investigative committee report and the report of the Integrity Committee and the report of the Office of Financial Supervision.

Is there a talisman in these proceedings? Both they are all purely legal procedures. Is there any wonder in the presence of corruption in the Central Bank? Both Corruption is widespread as everyone knows? Is there infallibility any of the human beings of this today? Both A. Both.

Is corruption hitter Otunabh at the central bank for some time or is that the media campaign unjust mounted against the government by vandals and biased and losers has inspired to Bank staff enjoyment immunity against the account and accountability may be lured, this tranquility, to the path of corruption It has been said of the punishment abused security literature, so he was arrested, court order, (46) an employee of the bank, including, unfortunately, (30) a woman waiting for a court ruling?,

why, if The answer: Maybe there are some who could not get rid of the practice of personality cult that were common ideological stalemate days; Vered worship for himself and posed as one who wants to the other. situation in Iraq are wonderful property. There are secular progressive who says there is a sectarian conflict in Iraq; cleric and answered him that there is a political conflict and the interests of any class struggle. The first says that the efficiency impeccably and infallible, and the cleric says all humans خطائون. Moving the government on the issue of corruption Faisrkh secular Progressive her face: Why moved? Then screaming: The government is corrupt and not prosecute corruption.

Synopsis: This product of secular Progressive offend the left and hopefully shut up and relieve us and relieves Iraq and left.

that what he has the judiciary is not an illegal, even standard international human rights organizations, which tightened too much with Iraq for reasons I think political. And is not contrary to the law of issuing a statement saying: judiciary issued a warrant for the arrest of so and so for so and so.

This is the transparency demanded by everyone. Not so, or that some selective transparency? Did issued a statement on the arrest of Mr. (was) head of the International Monetary Fund and candidate for the French presidency, because of a tip from a hotel worker accused him of sexual harassment? Did issued a communiqué accusing the arrest of Mr. (Maddock), former President of the Foundation NASDAQ issued daily NASDAQ economic for high-tech companies, for fraud on its customers and reap the amount (56) billion dollars from them?

have said Mr. Stuart Bowen Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction, the existence of documents proving use some of this money (ie $ 800 million per week) for the financing of terrorism (free – in Iraq 11/02/2012). Jericho phishers troubled waters I would say that Mr. Saleh al-Mutlaq, the Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs (which can not be charged with owning an atom kindness Iran!!!), has said he did not have any information to indicate Iran’s involvement in this issue.

Maybe This statement was made in response to the motor never MP Dr. Ahmad al-Alwani (from the coalition in Iraq), who crammed name Iran forcibly without accusing but wanted only Altkhbayt across Hashr forced and play with words. to let us know and some intellectuals, writers explaining the Iraqi public legal rule which says: The accused is innocent until proven guilty; instead trying to dissuade the government from performing their duty in the fight against corruption are the most cry pretext to spread in the body of the Iraqi state and society.

I share many regret to implicate Dr. Sinan Shabibi, the efficiency says of known and the central bank governor, Thi family background national spotless, in this matter.

I say “implicate” because I think, and I hope to prove eliminate health I think, that the destructive organizer was being behind his back in that vital institution that can strangle Iraq and destroy its pretensions to democracy as it tried to terrorism in the strongest which do withhold electricity for Iraqis plan orchestrated .

misfortune embodied in articles fireworks started on the subject. They are all Tbact justice wasted and Tbact the independence of the Central Bank and the Nile of talent and try Thishimha fear them; All this and more came just to the indictment, while consistently when these writers and for years and yet direct floods of accusations and slander, insults and conducting trials figurehead and in absentia without evidence and witnesses and issue judgments, mostly heavy and medium rare when you take them clemency, and turning the earth upside down right Prime Minister in particular, unabated from themselves and their conscience remind them justice it يتباكون today on the issue of the central bank.

Did someone said: Let’s wait for a court ruling in this case or that he is the competent authority? Both did not say one because each one of them thinks that he has the right to set himself judge and jury Otz on the Constitution and the judiciary and the House of Representatives and the government and the people, “which driven كالنعاج the” they said.

What an ego empty and selfish too!! The beeping relaxes failure. I am sure that most of these writers do not ask himself, as I do and for good reason, whether raising the issue of the central bank in this way, which put forward, are produced by entities with jurisdiction over the vandalism first, and funded (Saudi – diagonal) generous Secondly, and aimed to achieve a series targets a very serious national interest Iraqi III.

goal and tactic accessible are clear to see: Valtgmoaon and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the oil companies and Israel want to sabotage relations unequal transparent between Iraq and the United States, which is essentially ties fragile to hold Iraqi government its independent policy on Iran and Syria.

The tactic is represented with the following string of acts and their responses and their implications: trying to turn the battle between the Iraqi government and the Central Bank of the follow-up criminal offenses involving corruption and money laundering related to battle the policy and philosophy of the central bank and its relationship with financial institutions and international trade.

The opening battle on this basis quickly transmitted to the battle between the Iraqi government and the international financial institutions under the burka independence of the central bank and the free economy … Wu (In essence may mean, as far as, to dominate the capital of Iraq and its economy and destination). And more than this, the battle with international institutions quickly move to a battle between the Iraqi and U.S. governments.

This is the crux of the matter for those with special interests and narrow as follows: oil companies: they do not like the behavior of the Iraqi government’s oil work according to the principle of “service contracts” and the granting of contracting under this principle and through licensing rounds open transparent excluded from these companies because of violating conditions. The companies want to impose the principle of “production sharing” is a principle which was agreed upon Exxon Mobil with the Kurdistan Regional Government without the consent of the federal government for not knowing format contract nor the merits and conditions of contracts, prompting the federal government to the exclusion of any company dealing on this basis with the Government of the Territory. Noon political element (in addition to economic generous) in such deals when the transfer of Mr. President of the Region threat oil companies to the President of the federal government, saying: “Exxon Mobil have the force equivalent to ten military divisions and if entered countries not depart” any on Mr. Maliki to catch martyr Abdul Karim Kassem, who received such a threat then. has prepared oil companies themselves “allies” in Iraq to fight a battle with his government are the Kurdistan Democratic Party and its leader Massoud Barzani, and the rest of the coalition in Iraq led by Dr. Iyad Allawi Both promised to meet Mtalibh personal Tgmoah * The narrow partisan and tribal.

It also found the oil companies themselves allies in the region with special interests respective you plotting against Iraq: Saudi Arabia, which want the specter of Merit democratic and human rights by fueling sectarian conflict in the region and trying to sabotage the democratic path Iraqi; Turkey and ambitions, Qatar and Taúviha hand and ambition in the Bulge cava, and Israel and its intention to strike Iranian nuclear reactors that can not be hit by aircraft or missiles long or medium term.

So it needs to aggressively as Mr. Iyad Allawi injects Iraq in a war with Iran to infiltrate Israel under its wing to perform the task. was Maliki smartest of them all; film Nzl central bank on his philosophy at work in order to avoid confrontation Front very broad dishonest Taatmntq professionalism and Sciences money and you want to strangle Iraq; start of America, specifically oil companies, through the Middle East to Iraq with the educated class miserable in some joints.

But I suppose Maliki, who prepares suicide bombers and car bombs to be and because it goes through the central bank, trying to strangle Iraq’s most convenient pieces of the Tigris and Euphrates him waging terrorism infidel.

So watch the scene and spy on the bank and I know the House of Representatives thing that move and adjust the offense and put givens hands of the judiciary and move the judiciary and Khosi Allagton of Msode articles ridiculous.

believe that the U.S. administration, headed by Mr. Barack Obama, who speculate, but I hope for the benefit of Iraq and the world and America, to continue to White House for a second term, is eager to break the stick with the elected Iraqi government for two reasons: first fear of pushing Iraq toward Iran; and second because the Democratic Party represents capitalism medium unlike the Republican Party, which represents the bourgeoisie Supreme oil and arms companies.

So oil companies seek with all Force use its influence in the region to straining the relationship between America and Iraq to carry U.S. government forcibly to stand beside them strongly and clearly against the Iraqi government. touch that most intellectuals did not realize that after the failure of the occupation of corrupting the political leaders present, proceeded oil companies through its extensions in the financial institutions and the political redoubled effort to create a financial business layer corrupt he called economic expert and international consultant Dr. Fadel Abbas Mehdi “business lobby” of Iraq. I’ve had pressure on the central bank to follow the rigid policies hurt in favor of corruption under the banner of “independence and openness.”

This policy has begun even before the start of the reconstruction of Iraq campaign with American money and the accompanying corruption long-Americans and Iraqis and perhaps disappeared because of the amount (17) billion dollars belonging to Iraq was deposited in the oil-for-food fund under the memorandum of understanding between Iraq and the United Nations. We have noted the members of the House of Representatives during the meeting in nearly two years ago in the presence of Mr. Abdul Basit Turki, head of the BSA, that Mr. Paul Bremer handed Dr. Ayad Allawi, a member of the Governing Council, one billion and a third of a billion dollars in cash did not give Dr. Ayad any receipts to spend.

Despite recognition of Mr. Stuart Bowen, the inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, corruption, which caught the Maliki government at the central bank, but he did not wavered to prove that patent Maliki charged with attempting to interfere in the policy and the independence of the central bank, so completed his statement cit, including not mean as if his throat lump, as the prime minister accused of trying to dominate the independent bodies such as the Central Bank and the Integrity Commission.

It fears a “project” of potential destabilization of rigor and commitment, which imposed by the International Finance Corporation on Iraq under the pretext of undergoing Chapter VII – the destabilization Sewoldha detect and prosecute the perpetrators of crimes of corruption in the Central Bank. So Mr. Stewart wanted remedied in advance.

First Mr. Bowen was to teach us what happened to the inquiry on all the (17) billion dollars of Iraq’s money “lost” instead of repeating political charges against both of us are not based on reality and has become well-known source and target. It seems to me that unfortunately the disqualification of a key Integrity Commission and former former justified deputies issue disqualified not to proceed in the investigation issues big transmitted Prime Minister to the Integrity Commission, and was probably corruption in the Central Bank one of them, but he did not dare to investigate for fear of colliding with the Americans and the terrorists, the Most probably.

has signed some intellectuals, never ready to discredit the government according to the rule “a sense of drum Khvn Argelet” because it is a democratic government it is harmless solemnity, – signed some falling into the unenviable. And no one, even the Americans, claiming that the action taken against some of the staff of the Central Bank were not based on criminal corruption or irregularities were based on trying to crush the national scientific competencies. While some filled land fanfare Bhettin charges, Vartdoa on the back foot Mnaqdan themselves. course everyone says what he wants with the utmost freedom in the new Iraq.

But what a pity that some people speak from the left, but the arguments presents to the left at a disadvantage. Among those is that some who stands, in terms of conscious or not aware, in the same trench with the oil companies and the enemies of democracy internal and external intellectually met even with terrorists. Which is condemnable. commits some other species of abuse of Iraqi left.

It was cast Bakmaivh caliber sectarian and racial and absurd is hiding under a burqa Communist Party hypocrisy; Voads him. However, this cover may torn the party after a meeting of some its leaders then Prime Minister and the Declaration of the party for a match and their views on the key issues; فإنكشف those Almnbarqon and أضحوا naked desperate, some Panwa mercenaries hired serving, in the final analysis to recognize or not recognize, oil companies monopoly and the Saudi regime totalitarian system and Qatari agent extreme right Alasraúal in the region, and thus are the enemies of their people of Iraq, which has long sang, the old days, Bashmukh and heroic.

problem the central bank, if, not discussed objectively because the bank and competencies and the national interest is not the task for some people.