Parliamentary Finance: change management of the Central Bank will not affect the process of lifting the zeros

According to a member of the investigative transactions CBI and a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri said the process of lifting the zeros will not be affected in the administrative changes that have taken place in the Central Bank of Iraq recently.

Jubouri said the newspaper “integrity electronic” The process of lifting the zeros or replace currency has nothing to do with events that took place in the central bank recently, noting that monetary policy does not depend on a person whatever his status administrative, but depends on the institution in charge of political الاستراتيجة which include process raise zeros and replace the country’s currency.

Jubouri announced the arrival of special equipment to replace the currency by the English side to the country Mushir that there are specialized committees will these measures, if any, within the plan in the country’s monetary policy.

It is noteworthy that one of the members of the Knesset Finance Committee announced that monetary Aalssayash in the process of lifting the zeros Stadtther benevolent result of events that took place in the Iraqi Central Bank on Shabibi.