CBI confirms that Iraq will turn to the international donor after 2014

confirmed the Iraqi Central Bank, on Wednesday, that Iraq will turn into international donor after the year 2014, as he emphasized that the World Bank will depend on grant assistance to Iraq after its transformation into a donor.

said the deputy governor of the Bank the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in an interview for “Alsumaria News” , “The World Bank asked Iraq to be a member of the International Atomic aid and become donors have,” noting that “the Iraqi government is considering topic in collaboration with the World Bank.”

added the appearance that “grants provided by the World Bank of Iraq has not left them only billion dollars , will be spent on the infrastructure of the country, “adding that” these grants and aid will end in the year 2014. “

and continued the appearance that “the World Bank would be for Iraq after this year Bank of knowledge provides technical advice and expertise, training courses and development,” stressing that “the World Bank draw the line in 2014 that Iraq exceeded ordeal and will not be providing any help after this date. “

The Cabinet decided during its meeting of 47 held, on Tuesday (30 October 2012), to provide $ 25 million in aid to Syria, Sudan and Yemen, including ten million dollars to Syria and ten other for Sudan and the rest of Yemen.

noteworthy that the Iraqi Central Bank announced in (11 August 2012), the high reserves of hard currency to $ 67 billion, confirming that these reserves are the largest in the history of Iraq, pointing out that these reserves are One monetary policy to reduce inflation in Iraq