Member of the Finance Committee: Administrative Committee formed to evaluate the work of the Central Bank will report to the House of Representatives in the coming days

Baghdad (news) .. A member of the Finance Committee and member of the administrative committee of the problem to audit the work of the Central Bank of MP / National Alliance / Hussain Yasiri, for completing the report prepared by the committee to evaluate the performance of the work of the Central and submitted to the House of Representatives in the coming days.

Yasiri said (of the Agency news): There committees formed in the House of Representatives, one investigative jobs auction sale of hard currency and the other for administrative committee mission assessment and monitor the work of the Central Bank annually. added: that the Administrative Committee completed its report and be submitted to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to discuss in the coming days, as well as study results the investigative specialized jobs auction sale of hard currency at the central bank, which referred the group of bank employees to justice on charges of financial corruption. ‘s cabinet voted during its regular Tuesday (16 October 2012), the mandate of President BSA Abdul Basit Turki assume management position central bank governor agency.

quoted a number of media, in (14 October 2012), sources oversight that the Iraqi judiciary issued an arrest warrant for bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi corruption charges, pointing out that the latter fled abroad after the issuance of the note, with the bank denied the news, stressing that the governor is currently involved in an annual conference in Tokyo and will return to Baghdad. and was a member of the investigative about the work of the Central Bank of Haitham al-Jubouri said, in (14 October 2012), the issuance of arrest warrants and travel ban against Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and officials at the bank, and is regarded as that the survival of portfolios abroad will prove corruption charges.