Member of the integrity Commission warns of the spread of counterfeit currency class 5000 dinars. Calls to take action to prevent circulation

Baghdad (newsletter) … The integrity Commission warned MP/Coalition blocs Kurd Sherif Suleiman, from the proliferation of counterfeit currency, the 5000 dinar after detecting their presence in some banks, calling on the Government and Central Bank to take necessary measures to prevent their proliferation. Solomon said (News Agency news) on Wednesday: some banks revealed counterfeit currency class 5000 dinars (10,000), evidence of many counterfeit currency traded in the market, pointing out that the proliferation of counterfeit currency are phenomena that threaten economic and financial security in the country.

He added: you must take the necessary measures and strict from the wanthaea Central Bank regulatory agencies in the State to prevent their proliferation and to arrest the perpetrators, because it will affect the economic situation in the country.

An official source revealed in CBI earlier, “quantities” of counterfeit currency with a five thousand dinars, traded currently in the country, warning citizens from becoming victims by dealers “.

With some press reports revealed the existence of specialized printing counterfeit currency in several areas of Baghdad, forged several currencies including the u.s. dollar and Iraqi dinar.

And Iraq’s financial authorities warned owners of money exchange firms exploit their illegal operations such as promotion of counterfeit currency, or of involvement in money laundering operations, which reports local and international it conducted widely in Iraq