Warning of pumping counterfeit currency when changing the damaged Iraqi dinar

Attorney Mayahi warns of pumping counterfeit currency through the process of changing damaged by a new categories by the Central Bank

Date: 10/30/2012 12:00:40 Tuesday

Baghdad (news) .. Warned member Economic Commission MP / Iraqi bloc white / Aziz Mayahi, from the exploitation of some gangs pumping counterfeit currency into the market through the process of switching categories damaged not new from the existing currency by the central bank, calling for taking important steps to tighten control on the process of change to prevent this from happening .
said Mayahi (of the Agency news): After the failure to reach an agreement to implement a project to change the existing currency by deleting the three zeroes from the current period, Valtjo central bank about the currency exchange current damaged to another through a new contract with a foreign company to do so. added : must implement the process according to legal procedures tight because there are criminal gangs specialized economic counterfeiting currency exploit this opportunity to ask groups forged to the local market, thus affecting financial and economic situation of the country. has declared the Iraqi Central Bank, for his contract with a British company to replace the currency damaged with new ones , stressing that the replacement process will be the beginning of the month of November, as pointed out that these currencies are only 1% of the currency in circulation in the market. said deputy central bank governor appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that “the bank has contracted with a British company specialized printing currency to print small groups which the 250 dinars and the JD 1000, for the purpose of replacing damaged with new ones, “noting that” this company is one of the large companies, which are printed approximately 60% of the currencies of the world. ” and citizens suffer from the difficulty of purchasing groups of small markets because of damage and rupture most and special categories of the 250 and 1000 dinars. / end / 8. n. p /