Blocking the central bank currency auction results for the second consecutive day for unknown reasons.

The local media and talked about the security forces had cordoned off on Tuesday the Iraqi Central Bank building and arrested a group of employees arrest warrants issued against them.

It quoted a security source as saying: “The security forces have surrounded the Central Bank of Iraq and barred entry and exit and arrested a group of employees who were sentenced arrest warrants by the Iraqi judiciary. “

He noted that “the arrest warrants issued against (36) employees working in the Central Bank of Iraq after the charge of corruption.”

The central bank held the Iraqi auction of five meetings a week from Sunday to Thursday for the sale and purchase of foreign Currencies, but he withheld the results of an auction sale rates for yesterday and today is Wednesday.

The central bank has sold at auction to sell the currency on Monday reached 286 million and 70 thousand dollars after being hit on Sunday $ 217 million and a stable exchange rate was 1166 dinars per dollar.