Decision of the Commission on the economy: “emotionally charged” dealing with the issue of CBI will affect the financial situation of the country

Baghdad (newsletter) … Economic Committee decision warned MP about the Kurdish blocs Coalition/mohama Khalil, the likelihood of the current Central Bank issue impact on the country’s financial situation on the dinar exchange rate instability and jeopardizing Iraq’s international reputation for monetary policy.

Khalil (News Agency news) on Thursday to deal with the issue of the Central Bank and “emotionally charged” by a parliamentary investigative Committee and some stakeholders will affect the financial situation in the country and undermine the prestige of Iraq international monetary dealings with global banks.

He added: it is supposed to be dealing with the issue of Central Bank professionally and efficiently, dispassionately and prefers to present to Parliament for discussion and development of solutions, it is a sensitive issue and would undermine the country’s sovereign balance amounting to 70 billion dollars.

Audio Cabinet at its regular Tuesday (16 October 2012), head of the Office of financial supervision Abdel Basset Turki managed the post of Governor of the Central Bank.

And a number of media, (October 14, 2012), regulatory sources said the Iraqi judiciary issued arrest warrant against Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi on charges of corruption, noting that the latter fled out of the country after the issuance of the memorandum, the Bank denied those reports, saying the Governor is currently involved in an annual Conference in Tokyo and return to Baghdad.

He was a member of the investigative Committee on the work of the Central Bank, Haytham Al-jaburi stressed, in (October 14, 2012), the issuance of arrest warrants and a travel ban against Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi and Bank officials, said the Governor remains abroad will prove charges of corruption.

And Financial Committee called in the Iraqi Council of representatives, Monday (October 15, 2012), former Governor of the Central Bank to provide evidence, as she feared that the charges are “politically attractive” for the Bank.

The Central Bank announced, in January 2012, the high exchange rate for the dollar against the Iraqi dinar Iraqi markets, adding to rising sales of hard currency returns to neighbours trade financing by Iraqi businessmen, noting that sales of foreign currency by the beginning of the year were twice what he is selling it through 2011.