CBI: International obligations and the IMF

Does not support the work of the Central Bank of the determinants and only national but also international ones. If the central bank is a bank banks nationally, the IMF is its central bank globally.

Iraq was one of the first 45 parties Enterprise Fund (1945) .. After the new foundations of the international monetary system NP agreements “Bretton Woods” .. Has been identified the basic mission of the Fund to assist States to stabilize exchange rates, and insurance soft Alciolat for balance of payments support, and emergency weather the financial crisis, and strengthen their financial, monetary and economic.

The Fund’s work as a partner based on Iraq after 2003 to cooperate on rebuilding its economic systems, and return to the international and regional institutions. The Monetary Fund, whether we like it or not, is the institution authorized to give certificates states “good behavior” financial. فارتبط Iraq, a series commitments most important agreements to reduce debt “to the Paris Club” and its consequences, and is committed with the fund “agreement Stand” Stand by Arrangements “, whereby committed Iraq to do reforms .. to offset the others, including the Fund similarly .. and of forms of grants and technical assistance and the exchange of information and develop programs and provide short-term loans, to help improve its liquidity .. and as a guide for civil and good handling between him and the international financial institutions. picking Iraq on “loans after the crisis”, as happened on the loan (3.8 billion dollars) of special drawing rights, use Iraq already part of it.

Valastqlalah administrative and financial bank set by the Constitution are not arbitrary, and the prohibition of the Bank Act lending and “give credit directly or indirectly to the government,” which may be a direct cause of what exposed the bank currently, is the guarantee and protection of Iraq’s oil resources and its assets abroad .. This autonomy is granted dinar strength .. And assist in the liberalization of foreign Thoilath .. And prevent creditors from book money the central bank and its reserves, at the time was – was exposed – the state funds other for bookings, including institutions and subsidiaries of government, and government banks, because of policies reckless past, which destroyed structures and economics of the country and Born major crises .. And the collapse of the currency and debt and compensation and the difficulty of transfers and complexity.

We hope everyone enjoyed the wisdom and foresight and objectivity and courage to resort to statutory and judicial proceedings fairly and equitably .. And to respect the independence of the bank and understand his working conditions and respect for the standing and reputation of its officials .. To see all balances and commitments and the terms and conditions. Blind market laws that are not respected .. States and dealing its Bakloppea interests.