Editorial: CBI’s involvement in Currency auction, money laundering and smuggling

Justice is not to arrest innocent and condemning the compromise .. The central bank is accused of smuggling money and laundered through currency auction .. Let us not put the suspicions .. And ask some questions.

• Are open foreign exchange system? .. Or specific special size? • Are the Iraqi dinar currency strong revolves around supply and demand? .. Or a weak currency have two prices official and commercial? • Do you import open, at least so far? Or restricted procuring import license? • Is the dollar sold at the auction through recognized institutions? Or through individuals and anonymous? • Is the dollar sold at the auction against the strong dinar equivalent? Or against weak currencies, or payment term? • Is the central bank financially and administratively independent and regulates its law applicable to his work, and is responsible to the House of Representatives? Or is it under the supervision of the government and associated proceedings? • Does the size of the economy, “parallel” large and overwhelming? Or is it that the economy is codified and highly structured?

because the answer is the first part of the questions, which also, Bank Vsaagaf mainly outside suspicion basic circles. We say that we do not support all the measures the bank and its policies .. And take into account the BSA notes that remittances endless import parallel Bastiradat, and that many companies simply “ghosts.” This task is the bank, to Adqgaha and deal with it and dealt with ..

Adding that “legitimate” or “legal” companies, import and conversion is more complicated documents and papers everyone knows ease of manufacture, in any case. In all countries of the world there – at different rates – the so-called “parallel” or “illegal” .. Which is dealt with calmly and the same long and temptations, and not just provocation and arrests, but with respect to the crimes that clear grounds, both taking place in the economy, “legalized” or “unregulated” .. Just as in the first crimes .. Not every second smuggling and money laundering, corruption and drugs .. Many from a lack of regulation, not the legitimacy of the existence .. Caused by weak institutions, legislation and inefficiency ..

The fear of the unfairness of the state and Tmaha and Ahtcaritha. And the economy, “parallel” rate of 24-30% of the economy in Italy, Greece and Spain .. And 68-76% in Nigeria and Egypt .. And 39-49% in Tunisia and Morocco .. And 38-50% in Malaysia and South Korea .. Not least in Iraq for 75-80% .. The real economy, outside the rationing and registration, and on its borders .. Will bear the central bank alone the responsibilities of all this?