Shabibi between corruption charges and citations parliamentary integrity and efficiency

Shabibi between corruption charges and citations parliamentary integrity and efficiency

10/19/2012 08:05:43

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. / Report dreams Furaiji / .. Announcement of sacking Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi and the issuance of an arrest warrant against him with 17 employees in the prestigious institution representing the sovereignty of Iraq Economic was the focus of the economic community and the Iraqi political, and the surprise of many, especially after trading media a lot of accusations on the Bank’s work, whether addressed to him or addressed to the government which accuses of trying to control and influence the independence.

Some members of the House of Representatives defended Shabibi expressing fears of the impact of the subject of accusations on the economic situation, particularly if they continued internal conflicts ..

MP for the Iraqi bloc Nora البجاري talked told the independent press (Iba), saying: news snap بخروقات the central bank will create a sort of economic tensions in the auction currency will be temporary rather than large.

She added: that the lack of control over things will affect the economy of Iraq Collect and not just on the currency as a result of the fact that the central bank gateway to Iraq economic States, noting: that the central bank governor at great personal and maintained rates for the period since the occupation and reduce this day it is difficult to show cases of corruption and breaches financial right.

Considered: that Shabibi has maintained a large balance of money to defend the currency since the occupation of the ability of $ 35 million and increased to $ 62 million thanks to the correct policy, accusing: the political parties want to touch and projection of the Central Bank for personal benefit.

And followed البجاري: to create a good investment in Iraq and attract foreign capital will not be tarnishing the reputation of the central bank will not achieve any foreign investment in Iraq.

(Kurdistan Alliance bloc) said on the tongue of the Attorney Najiba Najib: that the institution of the central bank represent the sovereignty of Iraq and all of the cause in creating tensions financial action the central bank has political goals and personal and should be held accountable first before believing them and issue an arrest warrant for staff central bank.

Najib stressed: that the new governor of the Bank of Abdel Basset Turki has managerial experience, but they will not qualify to receive the work of the Central Bank and will miss all of the central bank has reached economic developments.

Shabibi described as personal fair and efficient man with a long history of struggle to control the exchange rate of the currency and central bank building and it is impossible that holds a special place person completes his historic career.

MP Salman al-Moussawi on the mass of the National Alliance stressed in his speech told the independent press (Iba): that the central bank is the monetary policy of the country and the occurrence of any finished as bank governor will happen tremors in Iraqi currency, stressing the need to resolve all decisions as soon as to avoid any risk in the work of the Central Bank and the deterioration of the Iraqi currency.

As for the dismissal of Shabibi and the issuance of an arrest warrant against him, said al-Moussawi: central bank governor said a man with a long reputation is impossible to accuse corruption بخروقات in the Bank’s work or currency smuggling and that all what is said about him is invalid and will be his innocence as soon as possible.

As for the appointment of a Turkish temporarily stressed Moussawi: that Turkey will continue to manage the bank a long time and will not bear the Bank of lack of knowledge of financial matters of the Central Bank being only administratively, will run the bank, but will not control the currency.

Moussawi continued: that all the tensions did not affect the functioning of the central bank and the exchange rate of the Iraqi currency and corrected things soon.

Either by a specialist in economic affairs Dargham Muhammad Ali, stressed in his speech told the independent press (Iba): that tensions financial arena of the Central Bank will not affect the economy of Iraq frequently for two reasons: first, an internal fact continuing the pace of currency auction by her former which ensures price stability the current currency exchange.

The second reason is external: the reserve currency in the international banks, which will be locked if it continues on its current policy itself, stressing: that the bank’s policy strategy is going according to court and not according to political matters linked to the government conditions.

As for the person alternative central bank governor pointed Muhammad Ali to: the appointment of Abdul Basit Turki temporarily instead of Shabibi will change nothing of the bank’s policy, but will form the bank current, stressing: that Abdul Basit Turki man Administrative It is impossible to control the work of the Bank Central, but from the administrative side.

He added: Turkish man-manager and not a specialist financial matters and will manage the bank for a period of very little and then if found innocent Shabibi will return to the Bank’s management and due to currency and if convicted Vchristtl proven status of a person having financial work experience.

He revealed Ali: The nominations for the position of governor of the Central Bank indicate Ahmed ابريهي, indicating that there is a consensus among the members of the Finance Committee and economists chosen because it possesses extensive experience make the central bank will manage the bank in the coming period if the dismissal Shabibi. (End)