Shabibi reveals to Jakoj causes fluctuating exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar!!

Close to Almcle involved in. .. Shabibi reveals to Jakoj causes fluctuating exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar!!

Date: Thursday, 10/18/2012 02:36 pm

Baghdad – Hisham Khalid

Governor of the Central Bank attributed the former Iraqi Shabibi Wednesday the causes of the low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar to the presence of politicians close to the prime minister control the buying and selling currency as required by their interest …

Shabibi said in an interview interview with Al-Hayat: that Izzat Shabandar and Skinner and the weakness of domestic production and the scarcity of Iraq’s exports excluding oil, weak government action in attracting capital to the country, as well as the political situation tense internally and regionally, in addition to the economic blockade, which suffered some neighboring countries, and in reference to Iran and Syria.

The Iraqi dinar exchange rate witnessed during the past few days showed a marked against the dollar in the Iraqi market parallel scoring rate 1300 dinars to the dollar, while the price under auctions CBI daily not to exceed 1166 dinars to the dollar, an increase of 134 dinars per dollar, which is equivalent to an increase of about 11% from its official rate.

The accusations by the deputies in the parliament to the Central Bank of the existence of corruption and money laundering in the auction sale of the currency.

According to the media advisor to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, Ali al-Moussawi said the Cabinet decided yesterday sacked the central bank governor after an investigation by a parliamentary committee in accusations of corruption within the bank.