Dismissal of the Governor of the Iraqi Central “Shabibi” because of corruption cases

Dismissal of the Governor of the Iraqi Central “Shabibi” because of corruption cases


Palm – A media adviser to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the Iraqi Council of Ministers decided on Tuesday sacked governor of the central bank after an investigation by a parliamentary committee in accusations of corruption within the bank.

Said Ali al-Moussawi, a media adviser to the prime minister that the cabinet voted to assign Abdul Basit Turki Chairman of the Board of Supreme Audit to manage the central bank until further notice, adding that the judiciary had decided to withdraw the hand Shabibi current governor of the central bank.

He explained that after media adviser fluctuation of the exchange rate of the dinar has formed a committee in the House of Representatives to investigate headed by Vice President of the Council Qusay al-Suhail .. After lengthy investigations found negligence by the Governor of the Bank and others.

He said the committee submitted its report to the Integrity Commission official dealing with the fight against corruption in government departments, which decided to withdraw the hand-Shabibi and others, adding that when the government became front actually decided to appoint a personal won almost unanimous.

The Integrity Commission spokesman Hassan Aati said earlier in the day that the Authority received a special file by the central bank of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee and the investigation is ongoing.