Iraq’s CB Governor: follow-up results of a suspicion of corruption made in dollar sales

Baghdad (newsletter) … Search House speaker Osama Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan Al-Shabibi Bank policy and its current activities.

The statement said Iraq received (News Agency news) on Saturday: Iraq noted that the findings of the Committee assigned to follow up the work of the Central Bank and parliamentary committees of economy and finance and audit, indicated suspicion of corruption in the sale of dollar and self-dealing in addition to Central Bank’s relationship with banks and exchange offices and money orders fake imports materials and commercial and industrial categories with unclear mechanisms for checking money laundering operations by the Central Bank and private banks.

The statement quoted the suspect as saying: we have initiated a thorough investigation about the policy of the Central Bank and its activities since 2003 till now two myself investigating with integrity that the issue concerning the country’s economic file beside the most serious and most require no hidden to the public.