Central Bank: the exact amount campaign cash for the traveler abroad 10 thousand dollars

CBI said that the specified amount of cash for the traveler out of Iraq is 10 thousand dollars in addition to the amount in the credit card if he owned.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a press statement today: “The rumors about the central bank’s decision limiting the amount of less than 10 thousand dollars in cash for travelers is is not true, because this amount was determined by international agreements. ”

He added: “The citizen can traveler abroad carrying what he wants from the dollar in cash that does not exceed 10 thousand dollars per trip.”

He continued: “Do not be held accountable traveler on the amounts in the credit cards that carry with him in his travels because the allowable amount by carrying cash should not exceed ten thousand dollars. “

Saleh explained: “The central bank also decided to double the quota weekly for banks to about $ 4 million for the purposes of covering spaces change the currency for travelers and without collateral and complications when changing currency in order to expand the deal market and give the flexibility and wide freedom of dealing with citizens and facilitate their affairs, as well as doubling the amount of dollar cash for the purposes of Travel , Tourism and pilgrimage and treatment.