CBI investigation reveals breaches occurred

BAGHDAD / Nazik Mohammed / .. revealed Parliamentary Finance Committee for the highlights of the evaluation report Parliamentary for buying and selling of the dollar by the central bank.

said committee member deputy state law Haitham al-Jubouri’s / JD /: “The Ad Hoc Committee to assess the central bank completed its work He wrote her a final, “adding that” the report confirmed the existence of breaches scandalous to score very high in the bank. “

added Jubouri “that the Commission took a sample of (91) purchase invoice was submitted to the authorities (Department of the Inspector General in the Ministry of Finance, the taxes, and the Department of Customs) was to find that the bill is only one of these bills real introduced materials, and (90) bill did not enter the material. “

He also added “samples were taken of the total purchase invoices almost Bmiliran and (289) million and found only (22 ) thousand dollars the value of purchases the truth, I mean I received 98 of (10) thousand, or one thousand or so. “

explained Jubouri “that these violations are administrative, and there bills disbursed and is signed by the Commission on the auction.”

Jubouri accused personalities senior-level within the central bank involvement in these violations and purchase invoices.

suggested that the report will reveal in a single day will not include the names of any political figures were or responsible at the central bank.

noted Jubouri that the Commission is working on writing recommendations will be completed during the Yumen one and submitted to the House of Representatives.

pointed out that the Commission send a copy of the report to the Integrity Commission and the other to the Central Bank for the purpose of work administrative investigation within the central bank.

and continued a member of the Finance Committee deputy state law Regarding the names that we have heard of involvement with money laundering did not find documents and evidence and archives fact that prove their involvement, noting but mere words only raised around them during the investigation but not conclusive evidence, not to mention any names unless we have the evidence. has confirmed the Finance Committee earlier intention to host the Minister of Finance, Planning and Trade and Health and the Governor of the Central Bank to control the entry of goods randomized to Iraq, revealing the existence of mafias control of the currency auction earns everyone of them about $ 5 million.

said member of the Finance Committee and MP for the Liberal bloc Magda Tamimi in a written statement received / JD / copy that of its host director general of the Anti-Money Laundering at the Central Bank and General Manager of the auction currency Hazem al-Ani and Qais inside. “

and confirmed that the Finance Committee discuss several axes, the most important subject of mafia controlling the currency auction, which earns everyone of them about 5 million dollars a day, were also discussed measures taken to reduce money laundering. “

and indicated that the share of banks daily currency auction and the mechanism used in determining these quotas are very weak. “

and demanded “hosted by the Minister of Trade and planning, finance, health and the central bank governor to discuss the coordination mechanism between the entities referred to to control the entry of goods into Iraq as showing that there is an imbalance of a very large import operations random that have a significant impact on the Iraqi state. “

The House of Representatives has revealed his conception of the documents and recordings of well-known politicians likely involved laundering money and deposited in the banks of some of Iraq’s neighbors.

held the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament held a press conference before the period, made it about the involvement (5-6) political figures with money laundering.

A member of the Finance Committee parliamentary deputy state law Haitham al-Jubouri / a JD /: that the committee came to the documents and recordings of a number of politicians accused of money laundering and deposited in banks Albuldna neighboring. “

said Jubouri that “politicians involved laundering money they deposit large sums in banks Emirates, Jordan and Lebanon. “

He believed not familiar with the central bank governor this breaches and mafias completed money laundering in collaboration with networks within the bank.

revealed Jubouri “formation of a committee soon from Parliament based on Article 103 II of Iraqi constitution to uncover the truth names involved money laundering, Mtdarka: But there are still some doubts, you must make sure that the archives and information in detail. hinted member of the Finance Committee to parking big heads behind these mafias. was the Economic Commission parliamentary had warned several months before the exploitation auction sale currency carried out by the Central Bank for the purposes of bad.

Committee Chairman Ahmed al-Alwani’s / JD / The “Committee for Economic follow up and monitor the work of the Central Bank and will intervene in the timeline and solve problems.”

and demanded Alwani “the central bank new procedures regarding the identification of entities dealing in dollar and the reduction of speculative market, “calling for” a mechanism and conditions make deals with the dollar are views sober and recognized by the state as if they are well-known companies are not names and fake exploit the current situation of things are not in the interest of the country. “

and noted that “monetary and fiscal policy in Iraq need to re- implementation and organization as the country is in transition. “

It is noteworthy that Iraqi law required financial institutions in the country, including banks, to implement what determined the central bank and what is the decision of the legal rules, and to inform the financial activities suspicious, including money laundering, and Orteuraleghanon severe penalties on these financial institutions punishment withdraw permission (to cancel the license) for financial institutions and impose penalties and financial sanctions, and this is clear from three legislation related to this subject is Law No. 56 of 2004 the Central Bank Law, Law No. 93 of 2004 the law against money laundering, and the law No. 94 of 2004 Banking Act.

central bank is an independent body, founded in 1947 by a Royal Decree and was formerly called the National Bank of Iraq, currently headed by Sinan Shabibi.