GOI does not have sufficient information on how dropping the zeros will control money laundering

Parliamentary Finance: the government does not have sufficient information on the deletion of zeros Ali Salman

Member of the Finance Committee criticized the parliamentary on Alsjeri, what he described as “getting lost in the monetary policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq.”

Said Alsjeri in a press statement: “The Finance Committee is very concerned about these blunders, especially in the area of foreign currency exchange and the price differential to buy between the central bank and the black market.”

He said: “That led to the emergence of a senior currency traders took advantage of the situation to reap annual profits of up to about 8 / / billions of dollars.”

He said: “The government is not possess sufficient information about the project to delete the zeros adopted by the Central Bank, based on the law / 54 / for the year 2004, while the House of Representatives is constitutionally interested party as the deletion of zeros is a change of the currency legally.”