Iraqi gangs launches largest counterfeiting operation to switch the currency in the world

In the last global report of studies: Iraqi gangs launches largest counterfeiting operation to switch the currency in the world

2012 – 09 – 30

Warned (Global Center for Development Studies) from the process to lead the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar to a state of chaos in the national economy, especially as they are in the security conditions and the difficult political and complex. Confirmed Center in his report of the British capital London, that Iraq is suffering at the moment gangs of counterfeit currency that work,
day and night, for the printing of the dinar current and then replaced in the process described it will be the biggest fraud in the world. The Center said in a special report, that the money supply large existing today in the Iraqi market, which is estimated up to 30 trillion dinars will increase significantly during the period of the currency exchange, so that fraud rings spread in most Iraqi cities. According to the report, it is very difficult for the Iraqi government to reduce the activities of gangs counterfeiting, especially that some of these gangs succeeded in 2003 of theft devices printing currency of institutions State and managed to fraud amounts exceed 50 billion Iraqi dinars, and was also able to deposit part of them in some Iraqi banks, as happened with a bank in the city of Basra. A report (Global Center) that some of these gangs operate in the neighboring countries of Iraq and you enter counterfeit currency smugglers or ways trade official Kalmpadlat are or by replacing the dollar. It is estimated that the International Center for Development Studies size cash reserve, which lost Iraq during only one month this year to $ 2 billion, which led to a clear reduction and significantly in value of Iraqi dinar, as it reached the limits of 1250 dinars to the dollar after the boat 1120 over the past year 2011 . and between the center in his report that the cost of switching the Iraqi currency will exceed the $ 150 million that I talked about government sources Iraqi to reach nearly $ 250 million, the cost of storing the old currency and destroy and replace revealed fake ones will be greater. predicted report Global Center for Development Studies rising inflation in Iraq significantly, especially during the period of currency exchange that will take place over two years. The report pointed out that the value of the Iraqi dinar will not see any increase or change that the goal of the deletion of zeros is only to facilitate cash transactions, saying that work to raise the value of the dinar require diversification of income sources and reduce imports to reduce the trade deficit and the reduction of external borrowing, which failed to Iraqi government achieved during the past years.
Source: iraaqi