Member of the Finance Committee: The Central Bank has promised to reduce the value of the dinar against the dollar in the coming days

Monday, March 12 / March 2012 08:21

{Baghdad, Euphrates News} A member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh applicable, the registered companies in the Iraqi market for securities is the reason Riisa the high value of the U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar, indicating that the central bank has promised to reduce its value in the next few days.

He said in effect, told {Euphrates News} on Monday that “the central bank is responsible for fiscal policy and therefore obligated to take measures and controls to preserve the value of Iraqi dinar,” adding that “measures the bank last did not work in raising the value of Iraqi dinar and to inquire about this It’s called the Governor of the Central Bank and told me that the measures developed but not implemented by 100% and the promise of its application in the coming days which will then significantly decreased the value of U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar. “

He continued in force, that “the companies registered with the Iraqi market for securities is the main reason for this and that because it trades in its share of the dollar that you receive from the bank by selling instead of buying them as currency for goods and goods”.

He ruled out a member of the Finance Committee to decrease the value of the U.S. dollar significantly or return as it was.

And the decline of the Iraqi currency exchange rate in a banner during the past few days against foreign currencies, particularly the U.S. dollar, raising fears among the citizens of the continuing decline.

And Some attribute this decline to an asylum Central Bank of Iraq to implement more stringent measures in the recent past regarding its sales of hard currency, especially the dollar, which has led to a lack of circulation of U.S. currency in the markets and increase demand and thereby increase its value against the dinar, but others believe that currency’s decline is due mainly to the withdrawal of America and the growing divide between politicians, threatening the stability of the country. ended 2