Iraqi authorities seized 55 million dinars false

11/03/2012 18:32

Money-denar-paraBaghdad, March 11 / March (Rn) – The Iraqi government said Sunday it began to look on the counterfeit currency, and they seized last month, 55 million dinars false. said Fahd al-Jumaili member of the government to follow up the currency and reduce the phenomenon of counterfeiting, told the Kurdish news agency (Akanus) that “a specialized committee of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to coordinate with the Ministry of Finance, Interior, and the central bank to adjust the counterfeit currency. ” and added that “the government collected last month, approximately 55 million dinars fake KD 12 million in Kirkuk and in Baghdad 11 million In Basra, 7 million dinars In Anbar, 7 million dinars in the Dhi Qar 5 million in distributed rest of the money to the provinces of Iraq. ” He said, “Efforts continue to reduce the phenomenon of counterfeiting taking place in the sophisticated equipment was stolen in 2003 from the state institutions by gangs experienced.” The law punishes the Iraqi jail for 10 years at a minimum right of the perpetrators of counterfeiting of

currency and can be up to the end of the death penalty. Fall into the fraud in actions that threaten the country’s economy. and active gangs specialized rigging the local currency after 2003 because of weak security controls and ease of disbursement of funds in the market. The Iraqi provinces several experienced during recent months, adjust the amounts of counterfeit currency and arrested by local authorities in these provinces more of a gang specialized in forging and promoting currency and fraud. and entered the Iraqi market in recent times large quantities of counterfeit currency into the category of 10 thousand dinars, which led to the reservation of many shopkeepers to handle it. From: Jafar Allonan. Open: Murtaza Yousuf