10,000 millionaires leaving Paris because of religious tensions and lack of opportunities

10,000 millionaires leaving Paris because of religious tensions and lack of opportunities

Wrote: April 3, 2016

10000 millionaires leaving Paris because of religious tensions and lack of opportunitiesLeft 10,000 millionaire French capital of Paris during 2015, according to the report, “the wealth of the New World,” which provides data and analysis on the global resources sector, which was issued in March institution.

I Saw Paris largest exodus of millionaires, as he left seven thousand Millionaire City last year, which represents approximately 6% of the total number of millionaires in the French capital with a population of 126 thousand people, according to the new report, and moved mostly to Britain and the United States of America , Canada, Australia and Israel.

As for the reasons for the exodus of millionaires from France, the report stated that, according to interviews with immigration experts and a number of wealthy, were prominent reasons that they reported are escalating religious tensions in the country and the lack of opportunities.

The report added that France strongly affected by the escalation of religious tensions between Christians and Muslims, especially in urban areas, and expectations of increased migration of millions of owners of the state over the next decade.

Foundation experts also predicted the departure of wealthy millionaires layer in other European countries such as Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Britain, where religious tensions began to emerge, according to a report.

China saw the departure of nine thousand millionaires State in 2015, also left six thousand millionaires Italy, leaving four thousand millionaires India and Greece saw the departure of three thousand millionaires of the country, the report said that one of the main reasons to leave the wealthy Greek capital Athens, the economic recession and the crisis of immigrants from Syria and Turkey .

According to the report, that “emerging from India and China flows are not particularly worrisome because these countries still producing far more multi-millionaires who leave, once improved standard of living in those countries, we expect the return of many of the wealthy.”

The report said that the departure of millionaires state is “a bad sign” for countries, as “it is often millionaires first to leave the state, because they have the physical ability to leave, unlike the citizens of the middle class,” the report explained that the exodus of high net worth also hurt local economies , because many of them business owners who hire people and pay high taxes.

The study is based on the wealth statistics, surveys and interviews with immigration and citizenship dual platforms owners and managers of wealth and real estate agents experts, as investors also consider visas statistics. This is the annual report is the third edition issued by the “new wealth of the world organization.”