Urgent The full text of the final victory speech

Urgent The full text of the final victory speech

2017/12/9 18:46

Urgent The full text of the final victory speechVictory speech In the
name of God the Merciful

(and day believers will rejoice in Allah ‘s victory grant victory to whom He is the Mighty , the Merciful) ,

O Iraqis:

If your land has been completely liberated and that your cities and your villages usurped returned to the bosom of the nation ,,
and the dream of liberation has become a reality and the king of the hand.

We have accomplished the difficult task in the difficult circumstances and we have won with the help of God and the steadfastness of our people and the bravery of our heroine forces … With the blood of the martyrs and the wounded, our land has produced a historic victory that is proud of all Iraqis over generations.

We declare to our people and to all the world that the spare heroes have reached the last bastions, urging and cleansing them, raising the flag of Iraq over the western parts of Anbar, which was the last Iraqi land being usurped, and that the flag of Iraq flies today high above all Iraqi territory and at the farthest border point.

For three years, your heroic forces have entered towns and villages one by one and the Iraqi fighter has left the scourge of the enemy, the friend’s secret and the astonishment of the world. This is the truth of the Iraqi who conquers the challenges and wins in the most difficult and difficult circumstances.

Dear Iraqis, You have the

right to be proud of your victories because they are made by your hands and achieved only with your awareness, unity and precious sacrifices. Keep your great victory and preserve your land and unity. Start
the blessing of Allah a new day and a bright future and spread security and safety throughout Iraq.

On this historic occasion, I extend to all our dear people and heroic fighters congratulations and congratulations on this great victory which deserves to be celebrated today and every year. It is a victory and a feast for all Iraqis.

The liberties we launched three years ago will remain an Iraqi success story and a shining sign in the history of Iraq, the struggle of its people and its blessed jihad march.

On this day I tell the families of the martyrs and the wounded:
The blood of your children did not go in vain .. Raise your heads high Your sons raised the heads of Iraqis raised the banner of Iraq high.

History will record the position of the supreme religious reference of Sayyed Ali al-Sistani and his historical fatwa in the struggle against the land and sanctities. This fatwa, which was answered by the faithful masses of Shiites and Shabans in the largest voluntary campaign that supported our armed forces and later turned the war against terrorism into a national battle that is less comprehensive and based on it Popular crowd and volunteer convoys.

Aaobina our people Karim:

The joy of victory was completed to preserve the unity of Iraq , which was on the edge of the partition, and the unity of Iraq and its people the most important and greatest achievement, Iraq has emerged victorious and united, thank God , the Lord of the Worlds, and we will proceed with the same determination and strength in the service of all our people without discrimination and preservation of national wealth Justice, equality, respect for freedoms, beliefs, religious, national, religious and ideological diversity, which is rich in Mesopotamia, adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law throughout the country.

We are now in the post-victory phase on the urging of this stage, which was feared by the terrorists and the corrupt, as we and our struggling people see it as a sun shining on the land of one Iraq to purge of all evil.

You Iraqis

must be united and we must uphold this unity and strengthen it with all the means we can. Today Iraq is for all Iraqis and its wealth belongs to all in its south, north, east and west. Everyone must reap the benefits of victory, security, stability, reconstruction and prosperity.

call on politicians to shoulder their responsibilities in maintaining security and stability and preventing the return of terrorism again, and I appeal to all of them to refrain from returning to inflammatory and sectarian discourse, which was a major cause of the war. In the tragedies of humanity and the empowerment of a gang calling for the occupation of our cities and sabotage and displacement of millions of Iraqis, in addition to the sacrifices of human and huge expenditure of the country’s wealth.


fight against corruption will be a natural extension of the liberation operations of man and land, and the spoilers will not have a place in Iraq, and there is no place left for this … This is another battle for everyone to participate seriously All in his surroundings and his field of work and not only to monitor the results are not the responsibility of an individual or one.

Your country has taken its natural course and we have opened a new page of cooperation with all Arab and neighboring countries and the countries of the world on the basis of respect for national sovereignty, mutual interests and non-interference in internal affairs.

I salute all the victors: our heroic forces of the army, the police, the security services, the popular crowd, the anti-terrorist apparatus, the air force, the air force, all the types and formations of our armed forces, the engineering and medical support, the supporters of the clans and the citizens of liberated areas who cooperated with their army. And contributed to the restoration of life, infrastructure and basic services .. I salute the positions and sacrifices of journalists, media professionals, artists and intellectuals and every word was spoken and every voice is free With our people and our forces in the liberation processes.

The dream has come to an end and we must remove all its effects and allow terrorism to return again, our people have paid dearly for its security and stability and the blood of its finest youth, men and women. Millions of families have suffered the hardships of displacement and displacement.

Despite the announcement of the final victory, we must remain vigilant and ready to face any terrorist attempt targeting our people and our country. Terrorism is a permanent enemy and the battle with it continues, and we must preserve this unity, which we have defeated.

Thanks are due to all States and international and humanitarian organizations that have stood with Iraq and its people in this battle.

Greetings to every Iraqi fighter who took up arms in defense of his land.
A tribute to the souls of the martyrs, the wounded and their generous families who have saved Iraq and its people.

Iraq lived victorious and a safe homeland for all its sons.
and thank Allah the god of everything .

Dr. Haidar al-Abadi,
Prime Minister and
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the
ninth of December 2017