The Kurds reject a “Shiite proposal” to delete Article 140

The Kurds reject a “Shiite proposal” to delete Article 140

2020-11-10 09:25

The Kurds reject a Shiite proposal to delete Article 140Shafaq News / The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, Vian Sabri, announced on Sunday that the Kurdish representatives rejected a proposal by Shiite blocs to cancel Article 140 of the constitution.

Sabri told Shafaq News, “The constitution amendment committee held its meeting, Sunday, regarding Article 140 of the constitution, and at the meeting a number of committee members from Shiite blocs suggested deleting the article.

She explained that “the Kurdish deputies rejected the proposal completely, and as a result the meeting was postponed to next Wednesday, and heads of parliamentary blocs will attend.”

Article 140 provides for the removal of demographic policies conducted by Saddam Hussein’s regime in the disputed areas in favor of the Arabs at the expense of the Kurds, and then counting the population before the last step, which is to hold a referendum whereby the residents determine whether they wish to join the Kurdistan Region or remain under the administration of Baghdad.

The implementation stages of the article were to be completed until the end of 2007, but security and political problems prevented that.

The Federal Supreme Court ruled in 2019 that Article 140 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq remains in effect, confirming that this will continue until its requirements are implemented and the goal of its legislation is achieved.