Parliamentarian: The government pays $ 50 billion annually to employees

Parliamentarian: The government pays $ 50 billion annually to employees

9/25/2020 14:57

Parliamentarian - The government pays 50 billion annually to employeesWhere News _ Baghdad

The deputy of the Saeron Alliance, Riyad Al-Masoudi, confirmed, on Friday, that the government spent last year 116 trillion dinars for its collection of only three trillion, pointing out that the government annually pays employees 50 billion dollars.

Al-Masoudi said in an interview with Where News, that “the government and its relations with Parliament have become more like a game of cat with mouse,” pointing out that “all previous budgets of the federal government are consumer and not for productive planning and investment for the country. Last year the government spent 116 trillion dinars and what was obtained is Only three trillion. ”

Al-Masoudi added, “There is a savings rate of 20 percent in salaries, which is in place in all countries of the world, but we do not have a banking system that encourages people to save their salaries, and if we had a savings system in Iraq’s financial situation, and in a simple formula, Iraq pays annually 50 billion dollars.” Salaries of 20%, the saving is supposed to have now 10 billion dinars of savings in the banks that could have been used to cover salaries in this crisis and complete some stalled projects without the need to drown Iraq in additional debts. ”

He added that “the border ports have eight billion dollars in imports, and what actually arrives is only one and a half billion dollars. Electricity revenues are six billion dollars, but what actually arrives is only 500 million dollars annually.”

He continued, “In all countries of the world, electricity is considered a source of development, but we have electricity that burdens the budget with the expenses allocated to it,” pointing out that “governments since 2005 until now are cartoon governments and the great catastrophe in the dead constitution that necessitated this bitter reality on us.”

Al-Masoudi stressed, “The budget law has not been implemented and without any final accounts, and all disbursements of funds go without oversight, and the budget has become just a back garden for the political parties and components,” stressing that “the governorates have spent huge sums of money from them since 2005 until now within the budgets and despite this it is still She lives in a poor service reality that is paid for by the simple citizen