Netanyahu is preparing a diplomatic offensive against nuclear deal

Netanyahu is preparing a diplomatic offensive against nuclear deal

07/14/2015 08:45 GMT

Netanyahu is preparing a diplomatic offensive against nuclear dealAgencies – Web site, “the source” Israeli, “Monday, it is expected that the President of the Government begins the Israeli occupation Benjamin Netanyahu’s campaign of diplomatic efforts, an unprecedented, against the agreement between the major powers and Iran on lifting nuclear program, the ban is expected to recruit Netanyahu for this purpose, all resources in his possession.
According to the site, Netanyahu will focus his efforts to thwart the agreement with the help of the US Congress and be able to cancel approved while any other result, including the majority who do not reach 30, may allow for the possibility of President Obama to pass the agreement.

Israeli reports say that in the near month will visit the missions tablespoons of US lawmakers of Congress and the House of Representatives, representing the House Democrats and conservatives Tel Aviv, the two will attend about a hundred of lawmakers is expected that Netanyahu will meet with all lawmakers, and convince them to oppose the program.

It is expected that stands head of the opposition bloc, Yitzhak Herzog, along with Netanyahu, on this issue, and who can convince to convince him that this agreement is a bad deal.

He described Netanyahu, the agreement that is being elaborated in Vienna as a “march of concessions” by the great powers towards the Iranian Netanyahu said, “Iran does not hide its intention to continue to express strong antagonism against those who negotiate with them.”

He added, “Perhaps the Great countries are ready to surrender to the reality imposed by Iran, which includes the elimination of its repeated calls (State of Israel), we will never accept it.”