Last-minute initiatives… “balance of pressure” between the frame and the chest exacerbates the blockage

Last-minute initiatives… “balance of pressure” between the frame and the chest exacerbates the blockage

2022-05-06 08:16

Last-minute initiatives... balance of pressure between the frame and the chest exacerbates the blockageShafaq News/ Observers of the Iraqi political affairs have seen that the initiatives submitted by the parties to the political conflict do not carry solutions that end the blockage in political life since the announcement of the final results of the legislative elections that were held on October 10, 2021.

The comprehensive coordinating framework of the Shiite forces, and the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, had each put forward an initiative to resolve the blockage, as the framework initiative consisted of nine points, and was accompanied by nine commitments, which some observers saw as similar in some terms to previous initiatives put forward by leaders in the framework, including Ammar Al-Hakim, while Al-Sadr’s initiative was represented in calling on independent representatives to form an independent bloc to form the government away from the coordination framework, after a forty-day deadline granted to the framework in order to form the government in isolation from his current.

With the end of the deadline comes a new failure in the attempts of the framework or the movement to find an understanding with the other forces in order to set a new date for holding a parliament session, dedicated to electing a new president of the republic, and completing the constitutional entitlements represented by forming a new government.

stress balance

The head of the Center for Political Thinking, Ihsan Al-Shammari, considered that the two initiatives represent a balance of pressure between the framework and Sadr. At a time when the framework pushed an initiative whose goal was to cordon off any reaction from al-Sadr, after the end of the forty-day deadline set by the latter, it was met by a quick initiative by al-Sadr to respond to framework, but directed at independents in particular.

Al-Shammari indicated, during his speech to Shafaq News Agency, that “Al-Sadr did not direct this initiative to the framework, except in a small part of it,” adding, “We are facing many initiatives, but without them being accepted by all parties to the crisis, not only the Shiite political forces.” Even the Kurdish one, who also suffers from a closedness among them.”

The political observer pointed out that “the initiatives and requirements will not produce solutions, given that the focus is now on the winner and the loser, as well as the conflict between leaders, and therefore it is difficult to accept initiatives that guarantee requirements.”

dissolution of parliament

He believed that “to get out of the political blockage, is to go to the dissolution of Parliament, because it is by all standards and criteria unproductive, as six months have passed and the political class has been unable to manage the country or find a way out of the political crisis, and therefore this chapter of the political process must be ended.”

Al-Shammari added, “Even if there is a way out, it will be in accordance with the consensus and interests between the political forces, and therefore this political map (initiatives) will not be productive for any solutions, even if it is to go with the majority in the end, you will not be able to work in the presence of political forces.” hinder any progress.

He noted that “the ideal solution is to dissolve parliament and then adopt a new election law that will be reinforced by broad participation, in addition to not electing these political parties. Otherwise, crises will continue whenever that political class is present in the source of decision and governance.”

Compatibility option

For his part, the head of the Yarmouk Center for Studies and Strategic Planning, Ammar Al-Azzawi told Shafaq News, that unlike the consensus on forming the government, the blockage will not end, explaining that “the initiatives put forward by the competing Shiite forces are an attempt to get out of the political blockage by relying on independents and considering them the weight of the egg that I want.” It has a pivotal role, but in the end, there is no solution without reaching a consensus between the two main parties by sitting at one dialogue table to reach a unified vision that ends the closure and the public interest prevails over partisan interests.

Duplicate initiatives

On the other hand, a political analyst close to the Sadrist movement, Manaf al-Moussawi, confirmed that “the coordination framework initiative (repeated) did not carry proposals for new solutions, but rather came to get rid of the great embarrassment after its inability to provide anything after the deadline set by Muqtada al-Sadr for them.”

Al-Moussawi explained, during his speech to Shafaq News Agency, that “the leader of the Sadrist movement, did not present a new initiative, but rather put forward a tweet that included the features of a road map and could not be classified within the category of initiatives and through which independent representatives were given the opportunity to form the bloc and ally with the most numerous bloc (the Alliance to Save the Nation). and government formation.

He pointed out that “Al-Sadr, for the second time, is proving to everyone that he is not interested in acquiring spoils or gains as much as he is interested in implementing the Sadrist movement’s project in shifting from consensual governments to the majority, and it is an opportunity given to the independents and it is assumed that they should not be neglected, and in the event that they do not succeed in this, the Sadr He stressed that the door is still open for political forces in harmony with the current project.