Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-25-2023

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 9-25-2023

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions9-25-2023 Intel Guru yada Article: “Al-Sudani listens to a comprehensive presentation on the steps for implementing the unified treasury account” Article Quote: “Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani confirmed today, Sunday (September 24, 2023), during a special meeting to follow up on the implementation of the unified treasury account and electronic payment that these steps are among the most important financial, banking and economic reform measures in Iraq.” A follow up “on the implementation”…The Unifird Treasury Account is the account where all the money is stored and the electronic payment is the tool they are using their banking. Stuffs taking place folks…

9-25-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] “Iraq to reopen embassy in Vietnam”. This is good news and showing their ties. Vietnam and Iraq are both major trading partners and of course we expect both currencies to revalue at the same time…Reopening embassies is important… If Iraq is going to be international player…they are going to need an “International Currency”…

9-25-2023 Newshound Guru Pimpy Al-Sudani wraps up his visit with the United Nations General Assembly…He was supposed to meet with Biden but my understand is that they did not meet but he did speak with a couple of his staff members. I’m sure by now he must have some kind of idea how this [Thursday’s] vote’s gonna go…on whether or not they reverse the authorization of military use over there in Baghdad. I’m wondering if there was any kind of stipulations or agreements that were made one way or the other but next week we’re going to find out.

9-24-2023 Newshound Guru Pimpy We know they’ve been working on reforming their banking system so it could work with international financial system. If they de-dollarize, get rid of the capital controls and they can have access to international financial systems, outside investors would come from all over to invest in Iraq. You could see the Iraqi dinar jump up pretty good.


9-24-2023 Newshound Guru Militia Man There’s a total shift and a move to expose Iraq. What are they doing? They’re creating confidence. They’re going to create liquidity…Iraq is gearing for a global financial system mechanism that’s gonna provide liquidity to the world.

9-24-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] “Iraq’s Prime Minister talks to CNN about the future of his country’s relationship with the US” So they are starting to cover stories like this even in the MSM. This is showing Iraq is coming to the world stage.

9-24-2023 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Guru Pimpy thinks sanctions are what are excluding Iraq from access to the international financial system…Wrong! There’s nothing holding Iraq back from engaging with the world financial system other than Iraq themselves.

9-24-2023 Newshound Guru Sandy Ingram Article: “Summary of Iraqi Prime Minister’s Schedule at the UN General Assembly September 2023″. The Prime Minister of Iraq addressed the UN General Assembly this past week in New York City…He had a one-on-one meeting with US Secretary of State…He also met with US companies on Thursday…In his speech to the general assembly..he said the country has become a safe environment for investors focusing on eradicating corruption and is committed to international law…The PM told the general assembly everything they wanted to hear. He called Iraq a key player in the global marketplace and said other countries cannot use Iraq as a central point to hurt either Iran or Turkey.

9-24-2023 Newshound Guru Pimpy We know that the Iraq dinar is much more valuable currency, how much of an impact it’s [The US House of Representatives will hold a session next week to cancel the authorization for the invasion of Iraq] going to have on Iraqi dinar remains to be seen. Like I said I don’t want to promise anything but I think then we could see some much bigger jumps in the value if outside investors start coming in because the authorization has been reversed, if these restriction are removed off the Iraqi dinar then we can see some huge jumps.

9-24-2023 Guru Nader From The Mid East My boss [Prime Minister Sudani] back home let see what his decisions

9-24-2023 Newshound Guru Militia Man They’re really serious about this investing aspect of Iraq…The meeting with the US Secretary of State discussed the activation of the Strategic Framework Agreement, the entry of American companies and the resumption of oil exports through the Turkish port…They’re going to help Iraq to be supportive of their currency and the value of that currency because all the income streams are going to be able to support Iraq to get investment projects done…

9-24-2023 Intel Guru RayRen98 GET READY…GET READY!…GET READY! …$$$$…THE CLOCK IS TICKING…THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS… Question: Ray, where are we in the countdown…? RanyRen98 Answer: RIGHT NOW…I’M THINKING HOURS. TIME WILL TELL!! ♫♪♫♪♫ I GOT A FEELIN …TONIGHT’S GONNA BE A GOOD NIGHT ♫♪♫♪♫ times 2…

9-24-2023 Newshound Guru Clare Article: “The Prime Minister returns home after concluding his visit to New York” Quote: “Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani returned to the homeland today, Saturday, after concluding his visit to New York.”

9-24-2023 Newshound Guru Samson Article: “Al-Sudani concludes his visit to New York with a British and international meeting”

9-24-2023 Intel Guru MarkZ [via PDK] When I say redemption centers…a redemption center is a bank in the region …in your area…that is specially equipped and set up with the people who have been trained to handle it. This difference in terminology causes a tremendous amount of confusion… Maybe I should start calling them “redeeming banks?”