Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-27-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-27-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions4-27-2016 Intel Guru Delta [I know you thought 40 cents might be the best way to start, but that was about 2 years ago…in your opinion what are we looking at right now…what are you thinking?] I’m thinking that based on the detail that Iraq is going through, they are trying to get rid of the dollars…logic says a dollar or slightly higher…we all remember a study that was published a while back, it had many good points and stated when they go international they should be around 1.13 and then after maybe three years they should get back to the 3.22 range…they know what is best for them…they know what they need to do…I’m thinking they should come up at no less than 1 to 1…remember they want to get rid of the dollar it is dominate in Iraq…from two years ago their plans have changed so many times…and it would appear they now see they must come up at or just above 1 to 1 if they intend to remove the dollar domination…logic is saying that a dollar or slightly higher to make it look more attractive inside of Iraq.

4-27-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie Article quote: “…the Rasheed Bank has done him a large portion came to about 97% of the re-structure was approved by the Board of Directors…” 1 STOP SHOPPING FOR COMPREHENSIVE BANKING SERVICES…NEVER…EVER…EVER DONE IN IRAQ BEFORE…BANKING ACT…WAITING ON APPROVAL AND RATIFICATION FROM HOUSE!..WOW! ANOTHER INDICATOR OF THE MIGRATION TO OPEN MARKET ECONOMY…THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THE RESTRUCTURE AND PRIVATIZATION OF THE 2 SOB’S SINCE 2008 ALONG WITH THE WORLD BANK…SINCE 2008! AND NOW IN APRIL 2016…97% COMPLETE…IN INK! Article quote from March 26, 2013: “World Bank Restructure the Rafidain and Rasheed in Order to Raise the Value of the Iraqi Dinar”

4-27-2016 Newshound Guru mike Article: “Parliament succeeded to exceed its divisions and vote on the five ministers technocrats” What a day, good stuff. I never thought they’d get rid of Shahristani but he’s out. Iraqi solutions to Iraqi problems, I can’t wait to see what they do next.

4-27-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie ISX WILL BE SHUT DOWN FOR HOLIDAY 3 DAYS 1ST WEEK IN MAY…

4-27-2016 Newshound Guru firefly […do you ascribe to the theory that Dinar is a lynch pin for a larger GCR [Global Currency Reset] or is that the imaginings of creative economists’ daydreams?] I have heard that and know people that are convinced…We are seeing evidence of it in front of our eyes. Just watch what the Central Banks are doing. Watch what the Fed is doing…Many don’t get that Central Banks are a private company and are NOT controlled by any government…in fact it is the governments that ask the Central Banks for rate hikes etc. [your right but I feel the cbi would like to see that they have a stable government in place before revaluing the currency.] yes, that is what many believe. I don’t subscribe to that theory.

4-26-2016 Intel Guru Delta …there was an article posted a couple of days ago…it was basically an opinion piece coming from Iraq and this guy was talking exactly like we talk here…he was saying that everyone inside of Iraq…the experts, the financial, the economic people are all expecting something to happen within the next two months…and don’t forget right from the horses mouth…the IMF said that Iraq should by the first half of 2016 be internationally recognized…so many are looking for the currency reform, especially those who are invested in Iraq…it looks like they are very close to doing something…and we are getting closer to the middle of this year and they seem to be communicating to everyone what is going on.

4-26-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 …we can’t give you dates or rates…but everything will be ok in the end…they are holding many private meetings…these meetings are progressing forward…it’s not so much the reforms…I think that is ready to go…laws…ready to go…GOI…ready to go…Parliament…ready to go…cabinet…ready to go…everyone ready to go…well then what is the problem…we still hate each other…and these meetings I think are ironing out an awful lot of that nonsense. I’m really happy about what we are seeing… Jack Lew…the head of a major department…because he is there something HUGE is going on with the US and Iraq… …once these meetings dissipated…the next day the Rafadain…the Rasheed…and the Central Bank of Iraq were…being protected…you know there are hundreds of banks in Iraq…why would our military surround just these three banks…these three banks are giving a green light…IMO…to the MR of the Iraqi currency…these are the three that are connected in order to move forward in the MR…

4-26-2016 Intel Guru Frank26 …so the conditions are now correct in Iraq…these three banks have announced to you… “Rasheed Bank announces that they have completed 98% of bank restructuring”…congratulations because you have now witnessed 98% of the RI…I told you we were in the RI and I told you they had been working on it with Dr. Shabibi…IMO…what is the other 2%…the other 2% is the RV. …when it comes out it will come out pretty darn good…and that is why Jack Lew is there because he has the experience of what happened in Kuwait and that is why he is doing it all over again and we learned that IMO it won’t come out at 3+ it will come out at 1 to 1 IMO…

4-26-2016 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Iraqi economic expert’s (Basenyoz): The federal government will face difficulty in paying employees’ salaries after next June” I don’t know if the plan will work, but it surely seems that there is a plan that is suppose to go into effect mid year to change the course of Iraq. Let’s hope what the IMF said is correct.

4-26-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie Article: “Iraq’s parliament is trying to hold a plenary session …The public anger mounts” Quote: “The main political forces in Iraq hopes to hold a parliamentary session incomplete quorum Tuesday to discuss the cabinet reshuffle proposed by the government of technocrat Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi…” SO WE KNOW ABADI WAS IN ATTENDANCE….WE KNOW THERE WERE BETWEEN 170-180 ATTENDEES…WE KNOW MALIKI BLOC WAS MEETING TO OBSTRUCT…WE KNOW THERE WAS HUGE INFLUX OF SECURITY IN BAGHDAD AND GREEN ZONE…WE KNOW ALL ENTRANCES TO GREEN ZONE CLOSED DOWN…WE KNOW MASS DEMONSTRATIONS ONGOING IN TAHRIR SQUARE WITH SADR THREATS TO STORM GREEN ZONE IF REFORMS FAIL TO FINALIZE..


4-26-2016 Newshound Guru firefly IMO the CBI and GOI are 2 separate entities. Parliament can throw shoes at each other for the next 10 yrs as far as the CBI gives a hoot. The reforms will continue as planned regardless…No different than the Fed Reserve and our government. Remember, when Kuwait reopened their banks, their government was anything but functional, the citizens had no electricity, They were sleeping in the streets in the mud. Oil fields were still on fire and they had a press release stating no reinstatement for 9 months I believe.

4-26-2016 Newshound Guru rcookie [IMF in INK said…that Iraq will enter the global picture in the first half of 2016…] THEY ARE AND HAVE BEEN ENTERING THE GLOBAL MARKET EVERY DAY…IF YOU ARE NOT SEEING THIS UNFOLDING IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES…YOU’RE MISSING A REALLY GOOD SHOW.