Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-19-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 4-19-16

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions4-19-2016 Newshound Guru Shredd I’ve been really interested in the IMF threatening pulling funding due to political lag…that was a huge part of their loan, to get to a market economy…the FC and planning need to make a move soon…The dinar will represent true value and the power to boost it to far above where it is has been in place from the beginning. Politically, laws that have long been needing to be passed must be. Economically, the float needs to be engaged as part of moving to a “market economy”. Planning, needs to plan the timing and process around keeping money supply at the necessary level…also, good to see that article…about the trip to Washington to discuss increasing the rating…if nothing else, this shows us the plan to bring international investment into Iraq is still a priority.

4-19-2016 Newshound Guru Shredd […it’s good to see the wheels are still turning on the efforts of the WB and IMF.] Iraq must be compliant with having a true representation of value behind their currency. It’s not a matter of they can or should but they must be compliant. A falsely held down rate is not compliant nor is a “dual currency” model. I am glad to see this continued pressure…clearly the deadline to their patience is near. [do you think the value of the dinar will increase this yr?] What will cause the value to increase is of course moving to a market-driven float which is a requirement in a market economy by definition. When that move is made, I believe the value would certainly gain from where it is. so, for timing…if this pressure by the WB and IMF works, then I certainly think we could see change…first, how soon will parliament respond…second, how long will it take to implement…and third, how will the value emerge and grow…so much yet to be seen…I’m encouraged. We’ll have to see how this plays out…


4-19-2016 RUMOR Guru Mnt Goat Remember there was supposed to be a “basket” of laws voted on in the next parliamentary session. The next session, as the news told us, would be Tuesday 4/12 but this did not happen. Then pushed to Thursday and then Saturday and again these sessions did not happen. So a couple of the recent sessions have been postponed due to lack of quorum as we still wait to hear about today’s session (Monday). Due to the political crisis with the cabinet reshuffle it maybe postponed again. It is my opinion they will not get around to this vote on these new laws for at least a couple weeks or until the dust settles from this political crisis.

4-19-2016 Newshound Guru Millionday Article quote: “Ali gesture came out investment forum Iraqi Canadian , which was held in the city of Toronto with several recommendations, most notably the willingness of Canadian companies to enter the Iraqi market and the implementation of various projects.” WOW — CANADA…THIS IS HUGE IMO. …THE MEETINGS THAT HAVE TAKEN PLACE AND ALSO THE MARKET AND INVESTMENT ATTRACTION IS GREAT…WHOOPOW.

4-18-2016 Newshound Guru firefly Only thing that is important to me is that they are having INTENSIVE talks in Washington. Parliament and the COM can stand on their heads of all I care. The only people that matter are the ones in Washington right now…They are meeting with the IMF and WB! [so how close are we ya think?] VERY!

4-18-2016 Newshond Guru wmawhite [Can they have a change of currency even with what is happening now in their government?] …YES…It is the CBI and the banks within Iraq that will begin the process of settling foreign remittances (bills) using the value of the IQD, instead of the current letters of credit that are in USD. Many of these countries are already trading with Iraq in USD. The change to IQD will be initiated by the CBI…not parliament. Currently…the IMF, WB have been working hand in hand with the CBI and the banks within Iraq for the sole purpose of Iraq (its banking system) to enter the global economy market. Once Iraq makes the move to IMF Article 8, then those banks outside of the region…those not familiar with Iraq…will be more likely to do business with them. As to the value…that is debatable…and not so debatable in the opinion of some…but, back on September 27, 2011…Shabibi, Saleh and Abadi spoke about the value of the IQD being within reason of the region… compatible.

4-18-2016 Newshound Guru BGG What is happening – HAS TO HAPPEN. They are dealing with systemic corruption. [Can it delay the reform?] That is the wrong perspective – it has to happen…forget delaying the reform…this IS THE REFORM…in essence – it is happening…

4-18-2016 RUMOR Guru Mnt Goat Update: 45 Day Deadline for Technocratic Gov’t…So what is the current status of the situation? Iraq’s powerful Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr warned on Saturday he would re-start protests within 72 hours if the nation’s leaders failed to vote on a cabinet of technocrats proposed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to tackle corruption. His warning came as influential politicians lobbied Abadi to modify his plan and appoint candidates of their choice. We know that over the weekend the USA has “suggested” it may use force if necessary to keep peace in Baghdad as USA troops are stationed in the green zone along side Iraqi security forces. We also know that talks with Iran over an agreement not to interfere and instigate any dismissal of the three presidents or the completion of the Abadi reforms. We know that Nuri al-Maliki met with Brett Macgork envoy of USA President Obama and with president Masum in Baghdad to discuss the same.

4-18-2016 RUMOR Guru Mnt Goat Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, today (on Monday), called on parliament to convene immediately to overcome the obstacles and to contribute to developing solutions to the challenges facing the country. According to a statement to the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi he said: ‘We are confident that Iraq will emerge from crises stronger than it was and are optimistic of a better future for our people and our nation Aziz’. We await any further news. I do not yet know if a session of parliament was conducted today.

4-18-2016 Newshound Guru Backdoc Article: “Throwing thousands of leaflets on the Mosul confirm the security forces near the city of…” IF THEY ARE ABOUT TO TALK ABOUT MOSUL BEING SANITIZED OFFICIALLY SOON, I WOULD BE LOOKING FOR A DR. S [SHABIBI] SPEECH SOON! IMO.

4-18-2016 Newshound Guru wmawhite The IMF…told the world that they expect Iraq to enter the world economy market during the 1st half of 2016. …the IMF made those statements back in November 2015 for a reason…and they followed up those statements with the Technical Letter of Intent, signed by the IMF, CBI and MoF. Also, we have seen week after week of progress by the CBI even while the circus events were happening in parliament. This could happen within the next couple of weeks, or months. Either way though, it will happen.