Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-16-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 1-16-18

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions-predictions1-16-2018 Intel Guru Frank26 [Is the CBI satisfied there are adequate correspondent banking relationships to support the number of international transactions needed when the IQD is reinstated?] BY NOW I BELIEVE SO…IT WASN’T JUST THE CBI THAT ATTENDED THE CLASSES…MANY WERE THERE…SO I BELIEVE MANY BANKS LIKED WHAT THE CBI WAS DOING WITH THE UST AND IMF THAT THEY ARE ALREADY CORRESPONDING WITH AT AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL NOW.

1-16-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Many people have different ways to bring the news. My approach is centered around the Central Bank. From this process with the CBI I am talking about is the “project to delete the zeros”. It is by this process and ONLY by this process that we will get close to any RV timeframe. I can tell you I know for the FACT that the official re-instatement of the Iraqi dinar has already happened on paper but I have no solid proof of it to give you, such as an article or something. I took a chance on telling you as I debated not to. I thought you should know.

1-16-2018 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat But eventually the CBI must make its next move and act upon the process they wanted to go ahead with and then they will talk to us again more directly. They will do this in articles using the news media. Then we will have the solid proof we need and have been waiting for. However, this is only going to happen once the USA does it part in the agreement made just weeks ago to let the re-instatement occur. So far we wait for this next step by the USA.

1-15-2018 Newshound Guru G-Lin Article: “Governor of the Central Bank: Iraq’s financial situation continues to improve” …I like this. “the bank’s reserve remains at the level of adequacy and covers the local currency and more.”

1-15-2018 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Articles: “Haidar financial transactions between the banks of Baghdad and the Kurdistan region have returned to normal” “The MasterCard International has been issued at branches in Amman and Abu Dhabi for Iraqis living there to receive their financial dues,”…” …the timing of the process is well underway to completion. Financial transactions between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region are back to normal. In other words are turned back on. Don’t think for a moment “turned on” takes a lot of time to do so. It is instant now with the new Fintech in Iraq as noted by the CBIs capabilities.

1-15-2018 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan …it is not just in Iraq that is possible, Al-Rafidain is flat out telling us they can do it in Beirut, Amman and Abu Dhabi. They are internationally doing so. That suggests if they can turn on Baghdad and the Kurd’s, then in Beirut, Amman and Abu Dhabi, they can probably pin point anyone they desire and anywhere. Digital is digital and with Block chain being in the loop, it is becoming easier to not only execute transactions, but, can be monitored with precision. Let that sink in with all it’s implications. These two articles may not be the two we look for, but, boy are they full of Stars.. imo.


1-15-2018 Intel Guru Jester […is there anything good, bad or indifferent you could tell us about the progress of the plan?] JUST THAT IT IS UNDERWAY… THEY ARE NOT GIVING ME THE DETAILS… [anything more from the Sandbox?] IF THERE WAS I WOULD TELL YOU… THINGS ARE COMING TOGETHER…BUT NOT QUITE THERE YET…