Inventory sell the dollar sinks incompatible with the principle of the free market

Association Chirvien: Inventory sell the dollar sinks incompatible with the principle of the free market

27.02.2014 (0:01 pm)

USD-Iraqi dinar Baghdad / term

Society said Chirvien Iraqis that the central bank’s decision to limit distribution outlets of foreign currency and the dollar in particular banks own conflicts with the principle of the free market, and lead to a monopoly of hard currency, and disables the movement of goods in the country, and appealed to the Assembly, the central bank to reconsider this decision.
said Assembly in Statement issued by yesterday and received the “long” copy, “as we understand the goodwill of decision-makers in question and the objectives thereof and of good organization of work and reduce the burden on the terms of reference of the CBI and the support of private banks and encourage their work. however, that the Assembly register and respectfully number of risks and negatives caused by This measure. ”
and explained that the most prominent of these risks allow for only a small number of owners of private banks to monopolize the direct purchase of the currency and control the price of traded, and violation of the rules of the free market that the country seeks to consolidate as a basis for building a free economy and a sophisticated unable to overcome the red tape and regulations strict limit Movement trading money. ”
and pointed out that the likelihood of a direct impact on the economy of the market due to the late arrival of the currency to its users and the consequent effects on price increases, and delay the movement of cargo handling inside and outside Iraq, depriving hundreds of companies operating in the banking sector to take advantage of direct sales and reducing of activity and profits which companies contribute to the budget of the exchange rate and the speed of currency trading and to meet the needs of large segments of the national economy.