Former MP: Localization in regional banks is a political favor

Former MP: Localization in regional banks is a political favor


Former MP - Localization in regional banks is a political favorInformation / Special..
Former MP Ghaleb Mohammed considered, on Wednesday, the Federal Court’s decision to allow all licensed banks in Kurdistan to participate in localizing the salaries of the region’s employees as a courtesy to the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Mohammed said in a statement to Al-Maalouma Agency, “The judiciary’s decision was clear that the settlement would be limited to federal banks, but these decisions were circumvented in order to please the regional government for electoral purposes and political interests.”

He added, “The Kurdish employee does not trust the private banks affiliated with the regional government or influential figures,” noting that “all the private banks in the region belong to the two ruling families.”

He demanded that “the federal government make the settlement directly through the federal government’s banks, because settlement by the regional government would be very harmful to the Kurdish citizen.”

It is noteworthy that the Federal Court approved the legality of the accounting project and agreed to localize the salaries of the Kurdistan Regional Government employees in the banks through it.