“Expectations of the involvement of officials and important personalities” …. Unknown forged stamp to steal a secret 7 trillion Iraqi dinars

“Expectations of the involvement of officials and important personalities” …. Unknown forged stamp to steal a secret 7 trillion Iraqi dinars

13-05-2012 03:37 PM

Revealed the parliamentary committee formed to investigate the attempted robbery of 7 trillion dinars (equivalent to about $ 6 billion) from the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, the results of preliminary investigations in the case, while the predicted involvement of officials and important figures in the process, and expressed Reptha of how to access seals confidential used the process.According to the transfer site Arabic. Community Committee Chairman Haitham Jubouri The preliminary investigation to try to steal 7 trillion dinars from the Iraqi Finance, showed that it was through the instrument forged and by an unknown person to the moment, indicating that this instrument revealed by the Department of cash in the Accounting Department at Ministry of Finance. explained Jubouri, a member of the Finance Committee representative, in his remarks published by the newspaper ‘New Morning’ that the mechanism established between the dealers with the accounting department in the ministry is through the numbers, government accounts is that they found the account of the instrument forged a personal and non-government. The committee includes special form of the House of Representatives headed by Jubouri to follow-up attempt that robbery, MP Najiba Najib from the Kurdistan Alliance, and Magda al-Tamimi of the Sadrist movement, to oversee the committee set up by the Ministry of Finance for the detection of the circumstances of that case. The Jubouri that all Alxtomat and signatures used by the person who tried to steal it amount which is named (Abdullah) was forged, and expressed skepticism about how to get to some form of Alxtomat secret too, which is not possible to falsify Unlike Used in public. The Ministry of Finance has revealed through a statement in, April 17 last, that the accounting department in the Ministry foiled the process of forging large were meant to steal more than 7 trillion dinars from the state treasury through fraud official letters and signatures forged officials are important in the Ministry of Finance and the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. He Jubouri that some Alxtomat including forged on a very large number of secret and keep their shape but elite of the senior officials in the Ministry of Finance. He pointed out that the person accused has been identified on the full details about the features of his face after monitoring cameras ministry time toured it, expecting it to lead the investigation with that person to help some of the important figures to him in the implementation of this Order. confirm unofficial statistics The press reports that the financial and administrative corruption may cause wasting millions of dollars of public money, and that the money being laundered through the purchase of real estate and the opening of companies, institutions and fake out of the country and inside. noted that the capital Baghdad and other cities of the provinces of the country suffer from the deterioration of fact the service and standard of living, as witness the state departments and its institutions spread of financial and administrative corruption in all joints, according to observers.