Economic committee denies any GOI intervention other than its request to postpone deletion of zeros

Economic Parliamentary exclude the existence of government intervention policy of “central” patient request “delete the zeros”

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Parliamentary Economic Commission ruled that there is political interference policy of the Central Bank of Iraq and beyond Government’s request to wait to delete the zeros in the project, considering it a requirement of the requirements phase through which the economic reality in Iraq.

A member of the Economic Commission Mahma Khalil L / Baghdadiya News / “ruled out that there is government intervention in the policy of Central Bank of Iraq after its demand to slow down in the project to delete the zeros as much as to be a requirement of the requirements phase through which the economic reality in Iraq,” in particular there is a “higher large exchange rate of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar. “

Khelil said “There is a target of the Iraqi dinar by the regional countries in the region and the goal of the executive branch is to maintain the structure of the currency and on the income of the individual and not the high inflation rate in the state.”

And Khalil, “The Economic Commission held several meetings and consultation sessions with the Central Bank to consider the priorities of the project to bring out the decision to the full and comprehensive consultation and consensual cope with the requirements of the current phase aimed purely economic.”

He pointed out that “the central bank set a date for the implementation of the project in 2013 in response to linger requested by the government, there is no problem that delayed six months or a year to the necessities of economic alia, considering the level of living of the individual and not to encroach upon the Iraqi market and rising inflation,” In the previous period “occurred a rise of inflation And now dropped by 4-6 per ten. “

He pointed out that “Iraq has recently become countries that drive away foreign currency, we find a rise in the dollar against the Iraqi currency because of smuggled from Iraq

What is the reason of damage to a wide range of citizens, so it must be present to give priority to the stability of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies. “

Khalil noted that “the project not the result of today there are funds allocated for this project, which is equipped with the machines and prepare a cadre of international companies have the possibility to print the currency in a manner to prevent any attempts to warping.